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Adds a small cozy house to the north-east end of Balmora, that can be bought from Nileno Dorvayn.

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This mod adds a small cozy home to the north-east end of Balmora, that can be bought from Nileno Dorvayn at the Hlaalu Council manor.

To buy the house, you must first go to the house, and read the "For Sale!" -note, or try to open the front door. Then a dialogue topic of "a property for sale" becomes available for Nileno Dorvayn, who will then sell you the house for 2280 gold.

The house is good for transitional home, until you get your proper stronghold.

The only special features of the home, is a couple of custom books that have so useful information. A book on alchemical effects, and book on soul strengths, a book on some magcical effects, and a map to the mud crab merchant.

All the containers in the house are unique, and have encumbrance value of 999999.00.

This plugin does not edit landscape geometry.
This mod has been cleaned of dirty records.
This mod only adds things without altering anything else.

Perfect Placement is recommended so you can place books etc. in the shelves properly.