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This mod contains 49 additional level-up messages in the vanilla writing style. It also integrates the original messages dispersed over 70 levels to tell a more cohesive story of your character's progress.

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"You find yourself reaching for something intangible. Lean forward just a bit more today and tomorrow it will be in your grasp."


The inspirational level-up messages have always been one of my favorite aspects of Morrowind's writing.  Unfortunately, new messages cease after level 21, with the same message replaying with each subsequent level up.  They also generally don't reflect my character's journey at this point. Expansions and mods (like, for example, the excellent Beware the Sixth House) have made the core game much longer and optionally more difficult, and your journey rarely ends so early. 

One of the chief purposes of this mod is to preserve and expand upon the spirit of the original messages. Stylistically, I've done my very best to make the new messages blend in, even down to punctuation. This means no new specific references to Tamriel or lore; instead, you'll see generalized nuggets of wisdom reflecting your character's usually positive mental state on advancement of his or her skills that could apply to any situation.

With these new messages, your journey takes you from a novice (levels 1-10) to an enthusiastic learner (levels 11-25) a more seasoned adventurer (~levels 25 to 50), to someone with misgivings and nostalgia (~level 50-60) and finally to a god--or something very close (~levels 60 onward). Rather than showing up in order and being followed by the new messages, the original messages (with a few of them slightly modified for consistency, and one of them from Oblivion) are integrated throughout all 70 levels of this mod with the intent of fleshing out this narrative.  You'll never go too many levels without seeing one of vanilla Morrowind's high-quality messages until the last few levels.


Simply ctrl+f the Morrowind .ini in the Morrowind folder for [Level Up] and replace the 21 level up messages with the messages in the text file.

If you are using Mod Organizer (highly recommended!), click the wrench/screwdriver icon for the ini editor and modify the messages there instead.


If you use any messages I originally wrote, it would be nice to receive some credit and to see a link to this mod, but I am leaving open permissions here.

This is inspired in part by LUM by QuidProQuo and GaStuSage.  I still wrote these messages from the ground up because I had a different approach and philosophy, focusing very closely on the narrative and consistency with the original writing style, but I did take significant inspiration from some of the later messages in LUM.  I particularly liked the start of one of the messages, which referenced a line from the opening cutscene; this line in turn became my default message.


View below.  Download the text file for formatting purposes; I can't guarantee that anything copied from here to the ini will work perfectly.


"Trials and glory await."