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Greater luck may grant you better loot

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UPDATE 1.0.1:
- added code to notify player of their MWSE is outdated (Thanks Null!)

With Lucky Loot, a character with more than 50 luck will have a greater chance to find better loot. That's it.

Here's what happens in detail:

Many containers have levelled loot in them
For example, you'd get a fur cuirass at level 1, iron at level 3 but bonemold at level 9.

Most lists check for all levels, that means that a player level 1 could only get the fur cuirass, a player level 3 could get fur or iron but a player level 9 could get any of the 3 cuirasses.
With Lucky Loot, for every 5 points of luck above 50, the game will think you are 1 level higher.
So a level 1 character with 100 luck *could*  get the bonemold armor but is equally likely to get the iron or fur cuirass.

Fortify luck works. Likewise, if your luck is damage your higher chance of getting loot is reduced (but never below what you would nornally get).

What about balance!?
Well, high luck does not give you the item, just gives you a chance to get it.
Not all loot is levelled. Many containers always have the same thing no matter what your level (or luck) is.

The code is 0% mine but both Hrnchamd and NullCascade have open perms. Use the code, make something cool. Give credit.

Use you prefered mod manager or drop in your data files
UPDATE MWSE yuo game WILL crash if it is outdated

Hrnchamd and NullCascade for the code and help while I was testing it.
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.