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Basically just a rename of the master file from lower case morrowind.esm to upper case Morrowind.esm so Delta Plugin doesn't throw an error.

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Original description by zdswulyx2:

The mod expands upon Tarhiel, the bosmer enchanter that fall to his death nearby Seyda Neen. With this mod, if you manage to rescue him he'll thank you and give a quest to learn the safe Icarian Flight spell.

This mod is built upon the original To Save a Falling Wizard. If you want to give Endorsements, Kudos, send messages, or anything, don't forget Lady Phoenix Fire Rose is the original author of the mod and deserves lots of credit.


Tarhiel was testing his new spell "Icarian Flight" to reach Seyda Neen. "Icarian Flight" is a powerful Restoration spell that allows you to make very high and long jumps pushing Acrobatics to inhuman levels.  But...  the effect is short lived and Tarhiel forgot to take the landing into consideration.

The result could be disastrous if not for an outlander, born on a certain day to uncertain parents, recently arrived in Vvardenfell that quickly rescued him with a Slowfall or Levitate spell.

Just a bit fazed by the near-death experience Tarhiel is now even more determined to fix his spell... Can the aforementioned outlander help him?

Once rescued, Tarhiel will walk to Seyda Neen and become part of the colorful lot of the village. He gives Enchanting and Spellmaking services and since he'll like you and he has a low Merchantile score he may become a good reason to come back to the starting city a few times during the game.

How this mod come in existence

I wanted to make a mod to expand upon Tarhiel for I always found a pity that Bethesda did not allow to do anything meaningful with him a part of looting his corpse.

It turns out that Lady Phoenix Fire Rose did a similar mod, but she left a few minor bugs and the fixed version of the Icarian Flight spell is not of my liking.

So, since she allows modification I open the editor and, based on her work, I made the mod of my liking.  I changed the fixed spell to be more useful and I fleshed Tarhiel himself a bit.

As it works in those cases, if I like it you may like it too.


1. fix a bug such that the "Your journal" topic did not appear
0. released