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Are you tired of all the women in Morrowind having mysterious 'packages' in their pants? Then I have the mod for you! This mod adds female variants to all the pants in vanilla Morrowind by recombining the assets from the vanilla game.

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In vanilla Morrowind, it's clear to see that female variants to meshes were an afterthought, a casualty of a looming release date. They do not exist for armor (without Tribunal, which adds variants for a select few cuirasses), and only a handful of common shirts and pants have them. While I can't do anything about the shirts (as that would require modelling ability and, you know, actual talent) I can do something about the pants issue. By taking the female models used for the few common pants that have female variants, using the appropriate male pants textures and adjusting the UV, and in some cases keeping the male ankle part, I've made female variants to all the pants in Vvardenfell. No more will women have mysterious packages, nor will their legs buff up like a body builder's.