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Replaces the small 16x16 spell effect icons with your choice of larger icons. Works with your choice of MWSE or OpenMW

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Big Icons
v 1.1.3
by JaceyS

Uses loose texture files to replace the small effect icons with bigger icons. Goes in with MWSE to rejigger the menus to mostly accept the larger icons. Alternatively, works well with the UI scaling in OpenMW.

If you are enjoying this mod, please considering given an endorsement to the source of these images: Jacey's Vector Icons. It is one of very few modders' resources in the running for the May Modathon champtionship, and your endorsement may make the difference!


MWSE: Install 00 Core and one other pack according to your preference.
OpenMW: Install 00 Core and one other pack. Choose a size equal to or the next size greater than your GUI Scaling factor. For example, if you have your GUI Scale set to 1.5, select one of the 2X packs. To change your GUI scale, open the OpenMW launcher, go to Advanced, Interface, and look for "GUI scaling Factor".

New in 1.1.3: OpenMW only update, adds icons for Hand-to-Hand and Sneak. Eventually I want to add all skill icons for both versions, but these two had priority because they are in used in the HUD.

New in 1.1.2:
MWSE only update, fixes the issue with spell effect tooltips!

New in 1.1.1:
Changed my choice of alternate icons to be the default. All alternatives are still included, appended with either "_ori" or "_alt".
Added missing icons pointed out in JVI by hokan45.
New in 1.1:
Now supports multiple sizes of icons, and comes packaged with remastered hi-res icons from Jacey's Vector Icons resource pack.
Added an MCM to adjust the size (should come pre-set with your pack.)

Compatibility: Will have inconsistent results with mods that replace or add spell effect icons.

Coming in the future:
- Magicka Expanded compatibility. If there are non-ME mods that add icons, let me know!
- If there are any OpenMW compatible mods that add spell effects, let me know and I can remaster the icons for them.
- Resizing of icons in other contexts for MWSE?
- Skill, attribute and statistic icons.