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About this mod

This mod tweaks the Miner's Pick and Ancient Nordic Pick Axe to be something you actually want to use in combat and enchant.

Permissions and credits
Were you like me when younger and incredibly disappointed to discover the Pick Axe's in the mines in Morrowind were basically useless weapons.
Did you make the foolish mistake of believing you could turn one into a mighty artifact that would destroy weapons and armor alike?.
Does your Argonian or Khajit want to rise up and use the tools of their oppressors against them.

This mod aims to allow you to be able to do all 3.

What it Does
This mod has two versions.
1: The main version creates 3 variants of Miner's Pick and Ancient Nordic Pick Axe known as Laced , Sturdy and Laced Sturdy
They aim to do the following
Laced: Is the base stats of the item but with a high enchant value to allow you to enchant it
Sturdy: Raises both items to be around the level of a Dwemer weapon. Enchantment remains low. This is to allow you to use them as fairly reasonable weapons in normal playthrough
Laced Sturdy Combines the two variants above allowing you to create and make nice enchanted variants.

None of the above share references with the items they are based off so they should not break or affect any scripts that use references to those items.

Where To Get: You can purchase these items either from St Olms Tanners and Miners Hall in Vivec or from  the Trader Verick Gemain in Caldera.
2 : The second version of the mod actually flat alters the items that come in Vanilla.  Value remains the same but both items are upped to reflect the stats of a Laced Sturdy.  References remain the same. This means they can be used with any scripts that affect or use those items.

How to Install:
Install the following into your data files folder and select one based on your need:
PAPAwesomeDirect.esp - Alters the vanilla version stats to allow them to work with scripts
PicksArePrettyAwesome.esp - Vanilla items remain the same. Creates variants you can purchase to meet your desired needs.

Closing Comments:
ESP's have been cleaned.  Any issues let us know.