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Throughout the main quest, Nerevar claims the titles of Nerevarine and Hortator. This mod will give him an army to use at the battle of Red Mountain. As you progress throughout the main quest, Ashlanders and great house members will appear outside Ghostgate and in Red Mountain. After talking to Vivec, you can bring them into the battle.

Permissions and credits
War Leader Nerevar
by Billyfighter

This mod adds temporary companions to the game to use at Red Mountain. As you progress through the main quest you'll see Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni, Ordinators and Ashlanders at Red Mountain. Once you talk to Vivec and head to Red Mountain, you can lead them into battle.

Ashlanders set up a small camp outside Ghostgate and some will provide services for you to use. They'll also help defend against creatures while they're there. The Ashlanders were given lore friendly names. There are also a few Ashlanders in Red Mountain to find, defending against the blighted creatures.

The Great Houses sent over Telvanni Battlemages, and Hlaalu and Redoran Warriors. Most are in Red Mountain but there are some outside Ghostgate near the Ashlanders. Like the Ashlanders, they will follow you into battle only after you talk to Vivec and get Wraithguard, and will no longer follow you after you defeat Dagoth Ur.

There are Ordinators at Red Mountain after you talk to Vivec, but they don't follow you into battle, they only help defend.

There is now just one download file which includes four different ESPs. Use only one when playing this mod. Besides the vanilla ESP, there is compatibility for Resdayn Revival's Ghostgate Fortress or Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, Red Mountain Reborn, and another if using both. Leave a comment here on the Nexus if you find any other conflicts or have any questions about other mod conflicts.