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Keep Gaea Artoria as a follower after the quest

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Keep Gaea Artoria

A TES3:Morrowind Mod by Stripes
made for request by Zhydrac on the Nexus

In Bloodmmon, early in the questline, you have to find weapon smugglers and deal with them. You  have an option to choose from two different soldiers to help you: Gaea Artoria and Saenus Lusius.

Now after choosing Gaea Artoria and you complete the smuggler quest, companion sharing unlocks and you can continue using the "Travel Together" topic as much as you want.

Also added basic follower functions for better "Quality of Life" when using her.

-water breathing so she can't drown because Morrowind AI is dumb
-fortify acrobatics to reduce fall damage because Morrowind AI is dumb
-restore fatigue CE because Morrowind AI is dumb
-swift swim because Morrowind AI is dumb
-speed and athletics increase when she gets far away because Morrowind AI is dumb.
-warps behind player if gets too far away because Morrowind AI is dumb
-automatic sheathing when not in combat because Morrowind AI is dumb
-added "Hearth Heal" to her spell list and boosted restoration to 50
-restores health and magicka when player rests if following
-automatically sneaks, water walks, or levitates with player if following.


This is a BETA, i have not tested this at all. As far as i can tell by fumbling around in the construction set it should just work, but i may have overlooked something or just plain F'd up lol

Please report any bugs or issues and I'll get to them as soon as i possibly can :2090: