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An alternative solution for the "A Bounty for Trerayna Dalen" quest: side with Trerayna instead of Therana.

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This mod provides an additional solution for the vanilla "A Bounty for Trerayna Dalen" quest: you can side with Trerayna Dalen now, and instead of killing her, you can kill Mollimo of Cloudrest and Mistress Therana. The vanilla solution (killing her) is kept intact, the mod provides an ADDITIONAL solution, it adds content without removing content.

If you side with Trerayna, she will tell you that she needs the approval of the Archmagister of House Telvanni to legally occupy Tel Branora. Nothing will happen, as long as Gothren is the Archmagister, we know his ways. However, when you become Archmagister, you will have the opportunity to grant her the tower, with or without the rank of Telvanni Master. She and her lackeys would occupy the tower, and she would send a Mouth to the Telvanni Council too. Ideal for people who want to be both the Archmagisters of House Telvanni and kill Mistress Therana for the Morag Tong/Mages' Guild/for the sake of gaining Auriel's Bow, or play with Rise of House Telvanni, in which Therana dies during the questline, but never gets replaced, unlike Gothren.

Perhaps needless to say that if you side with Trerayna, and kill Therana, you should finish up any business that you may have with her or with her Mouth, before you kill her.

The mod is clean, bug-free and should be compatible with everything, including the major House Telvanni mods, such as Rise of House Telvanni.