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An Ordinator follower named Elisamsi with her own backstory. Commentary on quests and some character development.

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One of the duties of low-ranking Ordinators is providing an armed escort to pilgrims. As a pilgrim in the Temple, doing the Seven Graces pilgrimage, you can request armed escort too: Elisamsi, a young Ordinator from a settled Ashlander family. If you want, she can also stick around as a permanent companion after the pilgrimage, providing commentary and insight, and sometimes useful advice on most of the vanilla Temple quests, as well as her own insight about some Temple-related topics, such as the Seven Graces, or the Four Corners of the House of Troubles. She also has her own backstory, (How did someone with an Ashlander heritage end up as an Ordinator? What was she doing before being one? Where is her family? Where is she from? etc.) and throughout the Temple questline, demonstrates some signs of character development.

She is quite knowledgeable about the topics concerning Tribunal theology, and the ways of fighting the enemies of the Temple, but otherwise she falls under the "warrior" archetype, (such as Ares/Mars in Greek/Roman mythology) meaning that is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

To begin: join the Temple, and get the vanilla Seven Graces quest, and go back to a Temple Master immediately, asking about the topic "Seven Graces" again: they will consider this a sign of hesitation, so they would offer to assign an Ordinator next to you so that you can complete the pilgrimage safely.

Companion features (script developed by RubberMan and Caeris for me in the past - Thank you!):

- Levitates and water walks when you do
- Companion share
- Warps to you
- Does NOT teleport with you, but there are third-party solutions to that anyway, such as Melian's Teleport Mod
- Extremely hard to kill: An unnatural amount of HP, and an enchanted item to restore her health (which she uses too, at least when I tested it). Increased acrobatics so that fall damage wouldn't be an issue. I consider these more like convenience features so that you wouldn't have to micromanage her all the time, instead of cheating.

The mod is clean, and judged to be bug-free after an extensive testing session. It should be compatible with everything. The mod has also been tested under the OpenMW engine, and no issues have been encountered.


Elisamsi is based on the protagonist of my fan fiction, "Alice in Vvardenfell." (In the mod, she is a purist, more down to Nirn version of the same character.) The fan fiction is available here:

Or here:

Melian's Teleport Mod: