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Adds a new quest for exterminating the entire Sixth House faction.

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Have you had enough of that poseur in the golden mask, the seven Kagrenac imitators, the Lovecraft rip-offs and the elephant men? Yeah, me too! Finally with this mod you don't have to look at UESP anymore to know where to go to exterminate all of those brutes. It adds a new quest for you, in which you can hunt down the entire Sixth House faction in a meticulous manner: Everyone (all their named and unique members, that is) will be covered, from that low-ranking member who distributes ash statues among the people of Ald-ruhn, through the Corprus Stalker in Berwen's shop, up to the most powerful Sixth House priests inside the Ghostfence.

To begin: Finish the Main Quest, and talk with Lord Vivec about the topic "much to do," and advance through the topic "must be hunted down and destroyed." You will be directed to Ralyn Othravel at Ghostgate, Tower of Dawn, who will give you the tasks one by one about exterminating the Sixth House. When you kill the Sixth House members at one location, you will report back, and you will be directed at the next location. Since the completion of the Main Quest is a requirement for doing this quest, the mod assumes that you have cleared out at least the bare minimum of Sixth House bases on your own already, (Ilunibi, Kogoruhn, Odrosal, Vemynal and Dagoth Ur) therefore, there won't be separate tasks about these locations, but the names will still be mentioned after the last task, just in case you weren't thorough enough during the Main Quest, and you need a reminder to go back. All the other Sixth House locations will have a task of killing everyone there in this mod.

Features of this mod:

- Exterminate the entirety of the Sixth House faction: a necessary addition for any meticulous Nerevarines, and a good roleplaying opportunity for Crusaders.
- Auriel's Bow as a reward for your deed (Ralyn Othravel is the owner of the bow in vanilla): finally you don't have to kill him to acquire this bow for Therana/The Museum/yourself, he will hand it over to you, if you exterminate the entire Sixth House faction for him.
- As a bonus feature: All the Dreamer NPCs (including those that show up near the settlements during the Main Quest) will not respawn anymore, you only need to kill them once from now on. I would have done the same with the Ash Creatures and the Corprus Monsters too, but sadly, most of them spawn from leveled lists, so I'm afraid that those will still respawn until the end of the game. :( But at least you can permanently get rid of the Dreamers now!

The mod has been cleaned with TESAME, and should be compatible with everything.

Recommended mods:

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Sixth House smugglers by me: What about those smugglers that the Sixth House contracts for smuggling ash statues? With this mod, Dreamer Smugglers will be added to certain smuggler caves. Hunt them all down too!

Blight Bounties by Ivza: The Temple is now issuing rewards for those who kill blighted creatures. The rewards can be collected by visiting one of the three specialized Temple representatives either at Molag Mar, Maar Gan or Ghostgate.

The Pyres of Purification by Danae and me: Adds the Pyres of Purification to Vivec City, where you can burn any heretical and unholy items that you may have come across during your travels, including (but not limited to) items related to the Sixth House, such as ash statues, or Sixth House Amulets.