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Adds the Pyres of Purification to Vivec City, where you can burn any heretical and unholy items that you may have come across during your travels.

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This mod adds a roleplay opportunity for Crusader characters, and provides an incentive for raiding the lairs of the Sixth House, necromancers or Daedra worshippers. It adds the Pyres of Purification to the Vivec, Temple cell. The Pyres of Purification is a furnace with a holy fire burning inside, in the service of ALMSIVI, where heretical and unholy items can be burned. The Ordinator in charge of the holy fire (standing next to it) also offers you rewards after you have burned more than 50 (at least 51), more than 100 (at least 101) and finally, more than 200 (at least 201) unholy or heretical items. These rewards are useful enchanted items that are used by the faithful of ALMSIVI - some of them are either quite rare, or only appear in the CS, and not in the game itself.

Artifacts, unique, and quest-related items will not be burned, in order to make the mod user-proof. We have also omitted useful alchemical ingredients (vampire dust, Daedra heart) and Moon Sugar and Skooma (which the Khajit use for religious rituals) and items related to the Nine Divines - even though the Tribunal Temple considers all of these heretical, we wanted to strike a balance between lore and gameplay convenience. Here's the list of the items that you can currently burn in the holy fire:

Sixth House items:

Ash salts
Ash statues
Dagoth Daggers
Corprus Weepings
All kinds of Corprus Meat
Ash Statues
Sixth House Amulets
Ancient Dagoth Brandies
Parchment with Scrawlings

Daedra worshipper items:

Darkest Darkness
Invocation of Azura
The Book of Daedra
Spirit of the Daedra

Necromantic items:

Arkay the enemy
The Corpse Preparation series, all volumes
N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! (both open and closed variants - as with the rest of the books on the list)
Legions of the Dead

Compatibility: The mod adds a new NPC - with some unique dialogue, filtered only for her - and an activator (the furnace) to the Vivec, Temple cell. Unless there is a mod which adds something to the exact same location in the exact same cell, whatever it is, it should be fine. The mod has been cleaned, and judged to be bug-free following an extensive testing session. The mod has also been tested under the OpenMW engine, and no issues have been encountered.


Danae - Scripting
Gavrilo93 - Dialogue


Please check out Danae's guide for a Crusader roleplay, for even more mod recommendations and ideas for roleplaying a Crusader character: