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Limits conditions under which player can rest, wait and regenerate health. Implemented in MWSE and configurable via MCM.

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The intention was to provide a set of simple, configurable conditions centered around resting mechanic to discourage "gamey" behavior like 1h waits everywhere to quickly regenerate fatigue or waiting for 24h in front of an NPC to cheese and exploit restock mechanics. With these settings the passage of time actually matters and you may find yourself exploring the world in unfavorable conditions like bad weather until you find a place to rest. At the same time I wanted these limitations to be simple and not too annoying like many survival and immersion mods tend to make them. Make your game as easy or as hardcore as you want.


  • Selectable presets with resting and waiting restrictions
  • Selectable presets for health and magicka regeneration
  • Configurable "Until Healed" button replacement allowing to rest until specific time of day

Soft dependency: The Publicans. Not required per se but highly recommended if you decide to use a preset which involves inns since the inn detection code relies on publican NPC being present in the interior.

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