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Pluginless replacer for male elven Better Bodies models aiming for more fidelity to the vanilla models in depicting elven body proportions.

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Better Elven Bodies

One problem I've seen with the widely used Better Bodies mod is the single body shape used without distinction on all races. It is especially problematic on male elves who appear with normal human proportions rather than the thinner ones that vanilla elven bodies have. At the same time, mods like VSBR [Vanilla Style Body Replacer] that try to correct this problem lose out on the improved models from popular mods like Better Clothes, Clothiers of Vvardenfell, and Better Morrowind Armor.

I decided to attempt a solution combining the best of these two approaches to Morrowind bodies, editing Better Bodies meshes to closer resemble their vanilla versions while keeping compatibility with Better Clothes and other Better Bodies clothes mods. 


The mod is pluginless (just drag and drop the meshes folder of your chosen version into your data files directory) although the file paths are set up for Better Bodies 3.0 (Better Beasts) which uses a different file structure than other Better Bodies versions. Instructions are included in the readme for adjusting the file names and file paths for other versions of BB.
Compatibility and Bugs

This mod works almost seamlessly with all mods using Better Bodies compatible clothing and armor, although I have found very slight clipping issues with mods utilizing a couple of NioLiv's BB clothing meshes. There are also very tiny gaps between the chest and upper arms due to some issues I had with importing the original BB model into Blender, though these should not be noticeable in normal play.

Credit and Usage

Use however you'd like. Credit belongs to Psychodog Studios. I don't need credit for my edits, but if you want to, credit Vidi_Aquam. If you want to contact me for something, I can be found on the Morrowind Modding Community Discord server as Vidi_Aquam#8368.

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