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This mod adds 8 animations to the game for the player to use - various poses of sitting, both on chairs and on the floor, a kneeling and praying pose, and lying down animations. It also adjusts the collision on certain chair models to make them possible to sit on using these animations.

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The Elder Scrolls III
The Sitting Mod
By Vidi_Aquam
1. Background
2. Installation
3. Playing the Mod 
4. Bugs
5. Credits & Usage
*****************************************************************I've played on the TES3MP server JRP Roleplay for a year, and the lack of animations for sitting stuck out to me as a huge thing missing from TES3MP and Morrowind in general. Mods like Animated Morrowind added some animations, but none for the player to use. So, I decided to make this mod to remedy this problem. No longer will characters need to stand awkwardly next to chairs instead of sitting in them properly. I had the idea to make this mod almost a year ago, but I never had the time or help to do it until now. Enjoy!
There are two ESP files included. Use only one, and install it and all meshes in the normal way. 
Sit Down-Singleplayer.ESP  - Use this in Morrowind or OpenMW. It adds the animations, changes certain chair collisions to allow them to be sat on, and provides an amulet which allows you to use the animations.
Sit Down-TES3MP.ESP  - Use this for TES3MP. It adds the animations and the chair collision changes. It does not add the amulet as animations need to be run through a server-side script on TES3MP.

Before using this mod in Morrowind, you will need to run the Morrowind Code Patch's "Improved Animation Support" function, otherwise you will get major issues. If the animations glitch into frozen standing poses when you play them, you have not patched your game. It can be found here:

Additionally, I highly suggest running the "Fix Animation Errors" function of Liztail's Animation Kit ( before using this mod. This will prevent harmless animation errors from occuring while using it. If you are lazy or are including this mod on a server, I have included patched files with this mod which should be put into the meshes folder (backing up the files previously there) which should do the same thing, though I make no promises about them. If they cause any problems, restore the old files and use the AnimKit.
In the singleplayer version, an amulet is added on top of the barrel where Fargoth's ring is found at character creation. Equipping this amulet will allow you to select which sitting animation you want to run. 
In the TES3MP version a server script can be used to play these animations with a chat command. One is included as an optional download on the Nexus page of this mod.

IMPORTANT: If you are adding this mod to an already existing save file or playing as a beast race outside of OpenMW, you will need to go through the steps listed in the document in the Save Game Patching folder, which require the use of the Enchanted Editor (

Some animations will look better in certain clothes than others, and the variety of similar animations is intended to provide at least one where any set of clothes looks proper. In particular, the crosslegged sitting pose and the lying on the back pose do very strange things to skirts and robes. I provided the sitting with legs to the side pose as an alternative for skirt and robe wearers that looks much better, though there is still some clipping and distorted polygons, especially when not using Better Bodies clothing.
There may be various bits of clipping in any of these animations. I recommend using Better Bodies and Better Clothes to reduce this.This mod will conflict with any mod that also edits the "player" NPC. Report any bugs to Vidi_Aquam#8368 on Discord. If you say, "Your mod didn't work," I will tell you to reread this readme. 
Thank you to Mack_of_Trades69 for his advice and assistance in working with Morrowind animations, as well as for making the chair sitting animation. This mod wouldn't have been made without his help! 
Thank you to Arcimaestro Antares and RX31 for their animation resources, which I used and edited for the animations in this mod.
Thank you to Greatness7 for pointing out where I was dumb so this mod could work in the original engine.
Thank you to the JRP community who kept me going strong on this mod when I hit major bugs and problems.

Anyone is free to use this mod in singleplayer or multiplayer on private servers (servers with a password). However, I do ask that server owners contact me for permission before using this mod on a public server since I like to know where my work is being used. If a week passes without a reply from me, feel free to use it. I can be contacted on Discord (Vidi_Aquam#8368).

The animations in this mod can be used in other projects with proper credit to their respective creators. The sitting on a chair animation was made by Mack_of_Trades69 and edited by me. The three lying animations were made by RX31 and given minimal edits by me. All other animations were part of Archmaestro Antares' Animated Morrowind resources and given large or small edits by me.  
1.0: Original Release
1.1: Fixed a bug with the player skeleton missing beast race bones
1.2: Changed and optimized animations; Added tail animation for beast races; Added collision mesh replacers for chairs that could previously not be sat on 
1.2 but stuff I did later: Adds 3 lying animations, fixes various bugs, and adds the animation amulet
1.3: Fixed my dumb mistakes so that it works in original engine Morrowind
1.31: A tiny tweak to the esp to fix a camera bug that I accidentally reintroduced in version 1.3, also added instructions for using this mod with old save games and with beast races.