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A modern HD replacer for the Azura Cutscene that plays in the Cavern of the Incarnate. Works with Morrowind and OpenMW.

Permissions and credits
Description :
A complete overhaul of the Cavern of the Incarnate cutscene. Available in both English and Russian. While I tried to stay as close to the vanilla
aspects, I took some creative liberties.
1. I removed the shot of the Skar. There are so-many Ald-ruhn mods that overhaul its look. In order
to avoid the strangeness of seeing one thing in-game and something else
in the cutscene, I replaced it with a shot of Ald-ruhn's entrance.
2. For the same reason, I replaced The Balmora Hlaalu council with Dren plantation.
3. The vanilla cutscene only showed Vivec when the audio went "When you
have stood before the false gods...". Now it shows a beautiful,
lore-friendly painting of the Tribunal, created by the Tamriel Rebuilt
team. This was also done to accommodate Vivec and Almalexia replacers.
4. A brief shot of the heart when Azura says "...and freed the heart from its prison".

Works both for Morrowind as well as OpenMW.
The videos are in 480p and 720p. I use an aspect ratio of 16:9. Rendering in quality
above that is problematic for .bik files and the Morrowind engine.
If you use OpenMW, you may install the 1080p version.

Installation :
1. Select the file you want and copy it to Morrowind/Data/Video. Make a backup of your mw_cavern.bik before replacing it.
2. Enable Hi-def Cutscene Support in the Mod-specific section of the MCP. Skip this step if using OpenMW.

Notes :
The mods which show up in my video are: Yar-Yulme's 'Daedric Font Resource', Tamriel Rebuilt(Necrom), Apel's Fire Retexture, Morrowind Enhanced Textures by Project Enhance, Lougian's Landscape Retexture, Remiros' Groundcover, Remiros' Ascadian Isles Trees 2 and Aoimevelho's Akulakhan Replacer.

Thanks to all the excellent modders mention above and to the Morrowind modding community for doing a wonderful job.