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Puts Addamasartus a bit further along the coast where the entrance to Samarys used to be and Samarys next to Seyda Neen.
The location fits better with Addamasartus as a base for smuggling operations.

Permissions and credits
Apart from swapping the entrances, the mod adds a few rocks and a few plants and two trees were moved a bit.

I was inspired to do this as it was being discussed in a thread* about RandomPal's Seyda Neen - Gateway to Vvardenfell
when it came to small tweaks Seyda Neen might still require.



- Make sure to load this after Mines & Caverns (whether jsp's original, or the replacer packaged with RandomPal's BCOM.)
(Thanks to alexpublius for having pointed this out)

- If you play with Samarys Ancestral Tomb Expanded, there is a standalone patch for that thankworthily provided by draven666en.

- Know Thy Ancestors offers an alternative esp on its nexus site to swap the entrances.

This is my first Morrowind mod and probably last one as the construction set is quite a hassle. :D
It's been cleaned and hopefully there are no floaters left. Licence: You can do whatever you want to do with this mod.