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Are you a fan of the Illuminated Vivec Palace mod but does your game also go into "cinematic 10-25 fps mode" when using it? Then this mod might help!
Instead of placing hundreds of candles on the stairs of the Vivec Temple, they have all been merged for a boost in performance!

Permissions and credits
Enjoy the stairs of Vivecs' "Palace" lit up by hundreds of candles that were left there by his pilgrims. Now with 50% less fps destruction!

What it does:

-Similar to Illuminated Palace of Vivec it adds a bunch of candles near said Palace. Except that this version of the mod greatly reduces stress on your PC by merging the hundreds of candles together into just 3 meshes and only 6 light sources.
-The base texture is also hooked up to vanilla textures so any texture replacers you choose will seamlessly fit in.

-For a quick comparison:  My PC with a Ryzen 3600 and a GTX 1070 using the original mod goes from 75fps (my refresh rate) to about 20 when using the original. The redux manages to to bring my fps to 45-50 (as of Version 1.1) depending on how I look at the Palace.
While still not perfect it is at least very playable now.  If you have a very weak machine this might STILL destroy your PC. You have been warned.




-Compatible with any mod that doesn't change the positioning of the Vivec Palace or completely changes it. This mod is of course ALSO not compatible with the original versionof Illuminated Palace of Vivec!


-Throw in the Data Files folder into your Morrowind directory. It shouldn't ask for any overwrites, if it does feel free to get back to me and I'll try to alleviate that!


- Thanks to Bethesda for this amazing gem and the CS...and the community for still going strong almost 20 years later.
-Thanks to SpaceDevo for further optimization (Version 1.1) and option for glow maps! 

I am also working on a high poly version but I will warn you guys ahead of time-> That one is more of a "screenshot" thing. I currently estimate this to add about 500K polygons on screen just for those candles while the low poly version adds less than 10% of that!