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MWSE Enhanced Healer Companion

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MWSE Enhanced Healer Companion v1.1
by Stripes

A TES3:Morrowind mod

Adds an Altmer healer companion named Yarinil to Balmora, Tyermaillin's House
He will cast heal on player or any other follower when they drop below 50% health if he has enough magicka.
MWSE is required for this feature. Without it he will still function as a regular almost useless NPC follower.

Regular Companion features include:
Companion share
Grumpy's companion project following and warp script
Restores health and magicka when player sleeps if following
Teleports to safety if his health gets too low (Tyermaillin's House)
Automatically water walks and levitates with the player
Toggleable magicka regeneration with Mod Config Menu
Water breathing ability so he won't drown
Virtually no dialogue or personality

If you use companion mods he will make a fine addition to your party, and will keep them healthy even during the heat of battle.