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Adds in lock-bashing from Daggerfall, but using Lua.

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This mod is mostly an adaptation of Lock Bashing by Greatness7. However, it now uses Lua, making it much more efficient and consistent, and not take up a plugin spot. Notably, this mod does not use GetSoundPlaying, which some people have trouble with (including me). Additionally, lock-bashing now gives you a little weapon exp, and failing a lock-bash grants adjusted weapon XP if you use my mod OEA's Practice Makes Perfect (

NEW in 2.0 this mod has an actually new feature, in that bashing degrades weapons and armor inside the container, and has a chance of destroying (removing) other stuff. Check the MCM for the formula details; the main thing is that the more hits it takes, the more likely you are to lose stuff, and that weapon/armor degradation decreases based on how much stuff is in there (due to presumed tight packing). Please note that this feature is off by default, and must be enabled in the MCM.

NEW in 2.1 You can bash with your fists, like in Daggerfall. Instead of damaging weapon condition, your Hand to Hand skill is damaged by (Strength / 10). Also, unarmed does very little lock damage--half that of a dagger. You can also turn this off if you really want to, using the MCM.

Unzip, and put "OEA5 Bash" into the prescribed place. Or install by manager.

-Thanks to Greatness7 for making "Lock Bashing"
-Thanks to NullCascade for MWSE
-Thanks to the MMC for general help
-Thanks to the OpenMW people for figuring out all the game's formulas (since this uses the regular Lockpicking formula)
-Thanks to Zobator for coming up with one of the tooltip options
-Thanks to Stiffkittin for suggesting the 2.0 features
-Thanks to NullHowardCascade again, for giving me the code to degrade weapons and armor which were previously pristine