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Removes and replaces several instances of sexual harassment aimed at the the player character.
As of 1.2.0, now also has options for removing other content, based on "Less Triggering Morrowind"

Permissions and credits
New in 1.3.0:
    SHR - Mabrigash: Descriptions of the mabrigash, and one of the quests related to them, were an oblique reference to the idea of witches stealing men's semen. This plug-in changes that to a more vague "life force", and removes references to them specifically targeting men.
    SHR - Telvanni Bride: Provides two alternative paths to completing the Zainab Nerevarine questline that do not require you to bring an enslaved woman to marry the Ashkhan. May also be helpful to abolitionist Nerevarines.

Removes and replaces several instances of sexual harassment aimed at the the player character.

-- Anhaedra no longer threatens to rape your corpse. Instead, he makes a similarly gruesome, but non-sexual threat.
-- Nels Llendo no longer asks female player characters for a kiss, instead (politely) demanding the same cost as he does for male characters.
As of 1.1.0, you can alternatively choose to have Nels continue to ask for a kiss, but point out how unromantic his behavior is.
-- Crassius Curio no longer requires Hlaalu members to strip for him. Instead he gives you a copy of his erotic play, and asks for your opinion.
As of 1.1.0, you can also choose to have Curio not ask anything inappropriate of you, or to retain the original demand, but have the ability to refuse.
-- Crassius Curio no longer asks the Nerevarine for a kiss in exchange for his vote. Instead, you you can answer a question about Nerevar and Vivec, or pay 500 drakes, which is made clear even if you don't have the money on you. He will now only ask you for a kiss after you are named as Hlaalu Hortator, and there are no consequences for refusing.
As of 1.1.0, you can also choose to just have him ask you for gold.
-- Scroll of Manarape was renamed to Scroll of Manaleech, not because it is sexual harassment, but because I found the prior name distasteful. Item ID remains the same, for compatibility purposes.
-- As of 1.1.1, now includes options for removing whistles, which could easily be taken as appraising.

Other references to sexual harassment and sexual assault have not been removed, the most notable examples of which are found in the 36 Sermons of Vivec.
As of 1.2.0, offers the option to remove other uses of the word "rape" from the game, based on glittergear's "Less Triggering Morrowind". The 36 Sermons do still have descriptions of rape, but not that word. It isn't really possible to rewrite the 36 sermons in such a way that rape does not play a prominent role, but these changes were included as options for parity with "Less Triggering Morrowind".

Effort has been taken to retain the personality of the characters modified here -- Anhaedra still gets really angry, Nels Llendo is still charming and polite, and Crassius Curio is still way too horny on main. Curio's behavior probably still constitutes sexual harassment, but at least it is toned down.


Because, for many, especially for many women, it can be deeply uncomfortable to have their player character -- their avatar in this world -- subjected to sexual harassment. For individuals who have been subjected to sexual violence (and 1/6 of all women have been), this can trigger severe distress. This is not about banning topics, or particular words, but about making the game more comfortable for a large portion of the population.

Am I a bad person if I don't use this mod?

No, just as non-arachnophobes don't need to use spider removing mods, you may decide you don't need this to improve your experience.

Are the developers bad people for including this content?

I think it was a poor choice to include this content in the game, as the majority of it (Anhaedra and Crassius Curio) is played for humor. The use of rape in the 36 sermons, while not without its faults, is at least used to give a deeper portrayal of the character of Vivec.