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Visible equipped amulets & rings

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Vanity by abot

Visible equipped amulets & rings.
That's it. Now it should be working also for NPCs :-)

Versions History:

Using enableracemenu vanilla scripting command (to change player race/when starting a new game)
should not require a save/reload any more to refresh player visual attachments

Try and fix te3.loadAnimation currently nuking player visual attachments.
Should avoid mods using it (e.g. Double CHIM, 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul,
Sails and Sales, The Art of Alchemy, Dwemer Cycle...) disabling visual
attachments added by Vanity.

minor code tweaks

now 3rd extra ring is visible in 1st person view on the same finger as in 3rd person view

Now working also with NPCs

fixed link to correct required Better Bodies version; increased allowed ring displacement range a little


Latest MWSE-Lua development build (install it after MGE-XE)

Morrowind Code Patch + Beta update option to enable 1 extra on-use ring slot highly suggested to enable one more shiny.

Default "3. In NPC's inventory" option will display equipped/in inventory amulets and rings on any playable race NPC.
"0. Disabled" is mostly to temporarily disable the mod effects.
Disabling "2. Equipped by NPCs" or "3. In NPC's inventory" usually will refresh the
amulet and rings graphics on currently loaded NPCs on next cell load.
Only equipped amulet and rings will be visible on player (else it would become confusing to understand
what items you have currently equipped), while NPCs can show also unequipped amulet and rings.
This is because NPCs may not always equip items, and items equipped by NPCs are no more accessible
from NPCs inventory/barter menus so it's better to avoid messing with how default game/other mods equip them.
Suggested Morrowind Code Patch options:
Over-the-shoulder third person camera, Reduce camera clipping, Vanity camera lock


Suggested MGE-XE camera settings:
Customize 3rd Person Camera=True
Initial 3rd Person Camera X=0
Initial 3rd Person Camera Y=-160
Initial 3rd Person Camera Z=16

Assetless No Glow
If you install Assetless No Glow and delete any Textures/magicitem/ you will still have no-glow armors but keep the vanilla magic effect for pretty shiny glow on amulets and rings.

Better Bodies
Amulets and rings positioning is tweaked/tested using Better Bodies (and optimized for Breton female race), using vanilla/other body replacers may not work the same.

New Beast Bodies
Amulets and rings positioning is tweaked/tested using New Beast Bodies, using vanilla/other body replacers may not work the same

I was thinking the hard part to be getting and placing the meshes...
I had no idea how difficult tweaking the ring positions could be.
Almost as tedious as pathing silt striders for the whole Vvardenfell. Almost.

It may not work well for everybody, but sorry I'm not going to test these things with different setups,
you should at least be able to tweak the rings and amulet positions for your player race
from the Mod MCM panel so give it a try in case.

Tech notes:
you can reset the configuration setting deleting the Data Files\MWSE\config\abotVanity.json file

If you set Logging level higher than 0, pressing Shift+Alt+D will show a debug testing option
allowing you to reset amulet and rings visibility and get one of each different looking
amulets, rings, gloves, gauntlets, shirts, cuirasses, robes.
Warning: if your loading list is adding tons of these items, this will take some time
and may appear to freeze your game, please wait!