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Old mod of mine: adds 4 "invisible" shields to the game.

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This is a very simple mod: it adds 4 "invisible" shields for sale to Arrille, Seyda Neen.
These shields work exactly as normal shields, but for the fact that they are not visible when equipped: so, your character will try and block with them when they equip one of these shields, the shield gets damaged when hit, count as armor, and you can even enchant it (you will still NOT see anything, not even the glow for the enchantment); the only difference is that your character will look like they haven't a shield on them.

Basically, it's just for roleplaying.
You may want an invisible shield to simulate your character blocking with a left hand gauntlet or bracer, for example. Or you may want to use it to simulate the supernatural hand to hand or unarmored skill of some monk character or whatever, capable of blocking bare handed. Your choice, really.