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Removes the random chance to fail your spells, in a hopefully balanced way. You are either guaranteed to succeed or to fail, depending on a spell difficulty. Affected by Fatigue.

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Requires MWSE 2.1+

A small lua mod with big changes to spellcasting.

As you well know, every spell in Morrowind has a chance to fail or succeed, from 0 to 100. Why do I think it is a bad design?

  1. It encourages save scumming.
  2. It creates frustrating scenarios when you fail your expensive, 95% chance spell twice and are left out of mana.
  3. For some spells (like Open), success chance is not overly important.

This mod changes this, in a hopefully balanced way.

If you have a 60% chance to cast a spell or higher, you are guaranteed to cast it.
Otherwise, you are guaranteed to fail.

How balanced is it?

I'd actually say it actually makes the game harder for non-mage and hybrid characters, while making magic gameplay slightly easier. For example:

  • No longer you can spam that 15% chance "Open 100" spell, you need to actually invest into Alteration.
  • Mark, Recall and Intervention spells got the same treatment, making scrolls more viable. You better invest into Mysticism if you want to travel around the map for free.
  • At the same time, playing as a dedicated mage hopefully will be less frustrating. Having a spell with 90% success chance always succeed will make you slightly stronger compared to Vanilla.

What about Fatigue? / What's the difference between 70% success and 100% success with this mod?

Fatigue still counts. If you have a 70% chance to cast a spell at a full fatigue, you will always succeed. But if you have a 50% chance to cast it at low fatigue, it will always fail. So don't be overly reliant on your 70% success chance spells, they work for as long as you have high fatigue. Getting hit by a sound spell matters too.


Works with everything that does not mess with cast chance in lua. I don't know any mod that does, that's why I've made this.

Magic overhauls might make the game too easy/difficult.

Recommended mods:

Magicka Expanded - in particular, my mod makes teleportation spells from ME less OP. A little bit less.

BTB's Game Improvements - Spells - a spell overhaul I currently use. Some changes are a bit restrictive, but overall I recommend this for more balanced experience (e.g. harder to get "unlock 100" spell).


A spell overhaul with this mod in mind, based on BTB, but less restrictive.

If anyone interested, a "moderate" version (like: 0-30% = 0% chance; 30-70% = actual chance; 70-100% = 100% chance).