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The Elder Scrolls III
Raym's Absolutely Aleatory Accoutrements 4.0



1. Description
2. Installation
3. The Lists
4. Known Issues
5. Changelog
6. Credits and Usage




This mod removes clothes from ALL NPCs in Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, and replaces them with random lists that will generate those items randomly.

These random lists are carefully thought out and assigned to each NPC so that they get clothes appropriate for them: there are different lists for "generic" Ashlanders, each of the Ashlander tribes, the three Great Houses, Imperial style clothes, Nord clothes, and Vampires.
And of course, each category has been broken down into the four different qualities in the game: Common, Expensive, Extravagant and Exquisite.
With 4.0 I've split the lists, gender-based: this makes it simple to add modded clothing, which is frequently made to be worn by just one gender.

I've been *very* careful to preserve the "role" of individual NPCs in the game: I've used the UESP Wiki extensively to double check this, and assigned the lists accordingly.
This also ensures that no quest are broken by this mod. And that naked Nords stay naked Nords. :P
Also, this mod only removes "visible" clothing. Amulets, belts, rings and the like are not affected.
Magical clothing isn't replaced either, for the time being.

NPCs trading in clothes have also been given an "extra supply" of them.
That is, I've added a container to each of these traders, with a number of my levelled lists in it. The lists in the container are made to fit the "style" the trader sells.
The container in itself is placed away from the confines of the cell where the NPC is; so, even if you use a mod that modify interiors, there should be no problem.

And finally, as a last touch, vanilla random lists are populated with my own lists too, so there will be variety in loot, too!

So, you wonder... why do such a painfully long and boring job on about a thousand NPCs?

Well, in its present, basic form, this mod simply adds more variety to the NPCs.
You will meet NPCs with different clothes and they will wear clothes appearing in Tribunal, too, while Nord NPCs may wear Bloodmoon clothing (as may do NPCs from other races in Solstheim).

But mostly, this mod is meant as a tool for modders and players who like to tweak their game.

I made this mod with mostly one use in mind: adding clothing made by modders into the game, seamlessy.
All you have to do is place the new items into the lists, and when you start a new game, NPCs will be wearing them; and the shops will sell the new clothes to you (and you will find them in loot), with no need for a "special" shop added to the game world.




Drop the 2 plugins in your "Morrowind/Data Files" directory and check them.

"Raym's Absolutely Aleatory Accoutrements.ESM" is the base plugin.
This one substitutes clothing with the levelled lists, and adds owned containers to NPC traders with lists meant to be filled with clothing items for sale.
This plugin DOESN'T put ANYTHING into the lists I created: they are empty. It's meant, as I said, just as a base.
You can add clothes to the lists I created yourself, preferably using an .esp addon. Or you can use the addons I will be releasing in the future.

"AAA Addon - Vanilla.ESP" is the first addon for the mod.
It simply fills the empty lists with vanilla clothing. If you don't use this plugin and just run the .ESM, you'll end up with lots of naked NPCs.
As a side note, gloves lists spawn a special type of items: these are gloves I made that occupy the left glove slot but make it look like the character is wearing a glove on the right hand too.
This is just a workaround to the problem of randomly spawning matched pairs of gloves. The engine won't allow it, otherwise.
The gloves pairs use the same meshes and textures used in vanilla. Value, Enchantment and Weight are doubled to reflect that the item rapresents a pair.

To minimize the chances of potential conflicts, I suggest you load it immediately after Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Merging objects with an appropriate tool (like TEStool) is also most likely a good idea.

You will need to start a new game for the mod to work. I've not tested adding this mod to an existing save: maybe it will simply not work, or maybe flaming vampire guars from Oblivion will devour your immortal soul. No idea, but just in case: don't do it.

Also, because the mod alters Levelled Lists, you'll need to merge the levelled lists (for example, with a tool like Wrye Mash).




Since the mod is also intended to be used as a "platform" for further modding, I'll try to document the lists I used the best I can.

Each list name begins with "_aaa". Lists appended with an "_F" are for female NPCs.
"com" is for common clothes, "exp" for exprensive, "ext" for extravagant, "exq" for exquisite
The rest should be pretty much self-explanatory, but just in case:

"ash" means this list is for "generic" Ashlanders. Like the ones you see in the middle of nowhere.
"asha", "ashe", "ashu", "ashz" are for Ashlanders of the four tribes: Ahemmusa, Erabenimsun, Urshilaku and Zainab, respectively.
"bar" is for those shirtless Barbarians and a few other NPCs.
"dan" is for the three Dancers in "Suran, Desele's House of Earthly Delights" and for Desele herself.
"gon" is for Gondoleers.
"hla", "red", "tel" are for House Hlaalu, House Redoran and House Telvanni, respectively.
"imp" is Imperial style clothes.
"mag" is for Mages Guild.
"mon" is for Monks, Pilgrims and Healers.
"nin" is for the Imperial Cult.
"nor" is for Nord clothes from Bloodmoon.
"pau" is for Paupers.
"sla" is for Slaves (including Vampire Cattle).
"sor" is for spellcasters (not Mages Guild or other factions).
"tem" is for the Tribunal Temple.
"vam" is for Vampires. I thought they may be cool dressed with something dark, just to roll with the stereotype. :P
"trade" is added to the containers in shops.

The name for the clothes themselves is pretty obvious. There are just a few special cases.

List marked with a "V" (for "vanilla") at the end are assigned to NPCs that wear armor.
Since most modded clothing doesn't play well with armor, this lists should be populated only with items that don't have this problem, like vanilla clothes. Otherwise, the results in game may be... odd.
NOTE! Argonians female who are not slaves (it's just a handful of them, really) are also given vanilla clothes. That's because body replacers for Argonians may have the females with o without breasts (I'm not touching people preferences about this even with a standard issue 10 feet pole): by using vanilla lists, the Morrowind Code Patch will ensure that the NPCs equip the right version of the clothes (either male o female, depending on the body replacer option used). Without this workaround there would likely be problems with modded clothing and this is a convenient way to avoid that.

Robe lists marked with a "%" at the end only have a 10% chance of spawning an item. If one doesn't spawn, the NPC will be dressed with shirt and pants/skirt; otherwise, the robe will cover them.
NPCs that are expected to spawn with robes (like most mages and priests) use a different list, instead.

Skirt lists are only given to female NPCs.

"misc" lists are empty lists.
They are added to NPCs in case a modder want to add some special item. I put them here thinking about Danae "Hold it!" mod, but they could be useful for something else too, no doubt.




The mod needs a new game for it to work correctly.

Since this mod modifies almost every single NPC in the game, it's pretty likely that there will be conflicts with other mods; to be safe, you'll want to merge objects for your mod list.

For more on this, there are a few useful threads at the official TES forums; also, Abot kindly made a few excellent guides on this topic on his site ( that I have found extremely useful.




Version 4.0:
- Expanded lists to improve the diversification of NPCs. Added lists for Mages, Sorcerers (non Mages Guild spellcasters), Monks, Pilgrims and Healers, Temple Priests, Imperial Cult Priests, Dancers.
- The lists are now divided between male and female NPCs. This makes it a lot easier to add clothes meant for just one gender.
- Tweaked the clothes assigned to NPCs: generally, NPCs of a higher level or higher rank in Factions will have better clothes.
- Female Argonians who are not slaves use the "vanilla" lists of clothes, for better compatibility with body replacers.

Version 3.0:
- Expanded the mod a little further, modifing some of the NPCs to give them clothes that seem to be more appropriate for them. People in some of the Factions will get more expensive clothes starting on Rank 6, for example, or Nobles will have at least Expensive Clothes, etc. NPCs that have good reasons for wearing cheap clothes are not modified: for example, most people living in shacks, outlaws, etc.

Version 2.2:
- Fixed a couple of lists for traders. They weren't set to generate a different item of clothing each time.

Version 2.1:
- Fixed a few mistakes in the levelled lists in "Raym's Absolutely Aleatory Accoutrements 2.1.ESM": lists for traders had a few incorrectly assigned lists. Nothing you could actually notice since they were not used yet, but they will, starting with present version.
- Populated "trade" lists with vanilla clothing in "AAA 2.1 Addon - Vanilla.ESP". Since they are added to vanilla random lists for clothing, being empty they could cause the game not to spawn clothing items as intended; this in turn could cause problem with some other mods that use that lists (namely, a few NPCs in Animated Morrowind could appear half-naked). As a side effect, merchants will now have more clothes for sale.




Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) site, for the wealth of information on the various NPCs.

Dragon32, Caroigne and WH-Reaper for help and advice.

Feastsun, JH2011, MacKom and Vegtabill for issue-reporting.

Abot for the excellent guides he has made and hosted on his site. An invaluable help for someone like me, releasing something this big for the first time.

I owe a special mention to Melchior Dahrk for the gargantuan quantity of advice he has given me (sparing me, by the way, a few tons of work).

Danae: her videos have made this mod more popular that I would have ever thought!

As always, my thanks to the people at Wolflore ( for advice, support and generally being awesome (and not to mention, for hosting my mods :P).

Everyone has my permission to modify, integrate, and otherwise rework this mod in any way they like. This is my general stance on usage for my mods, and AAA in particular has been purposefully made to be a "platform" for other modders to use. Do with it as you please.
No need to ask me for permission, but I'd love to know what you do with this. ;)

If you have questions, the easiest way to reach me is on the Morrowind Modding Community Discord server (name: Raym).