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tewlwolow and Stuporstar

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Adds tooltips with location descriptions and maps to travel menu.

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  •  hovering over a destination in travel menu will now give you a short info about the location, together with an appropriate map - either for region (in case of smaller settlements) or the city itself
  • mouseover on 'Travel' button in dialogue menu will now present one of two maps - regular Vvardenfell map or a transport system map - it's both beautiful and useful!
  • covers every vanilla travel destination
  • you can tweak colours, fonts and elements via a handy MCM menu
  • lore-friendly and immersive - caravaners and shipmasters would gladly share their cartographic knowledge with any outlander, right?
  • 'Why walk when you can ride?'


All of the maps have been created by Stuporstar and tweaked by me. See the originals here.
I also edited one concept art image for a rather special destination, so all credit due Michael Kirkbride on that one.
Descriptions come mostly from game's "Guide to..." books; some of them are mine, too, since there was nothing available.