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SVNR - OffworldDevil - NullCascade

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Adds transparency, glowing effect and reflection to soul gems.

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Manual Installation

Copy Meshes and Textures folders from 00 - Data Files to your Data Files directory and overwrite if necessary. Always required.

For gems with motionless glow effects, do the same with the Meshes folder of 01 - Static Glow and overwrite when needed.

For gems with no glow at all (just the outer and inner crystal textures), follow suit with with the Meshes folder of 02 - No Glow.

For gems with animated particles, install 03 - Particles. Be warned that, for reasons unknown, this may cause the game to crash for some users.

For gems with both particles and motionless glow, use 04 - Particles & Static Glow. Comes with the same stability issues as the prior folder.

For PBR users, install the Materials and Textures folders from 05 - PBR Files.

Additional Info

Bain-friendly archive that's best used with either Mod Organizer 2 or Wrye Mash.

To make use of the mod's Physically-Based Rendering support, install the Advanced Materials Prototype for MGE XE.

If using Visually Filled Soul Gems, the installed glow/particle effects will only activate for filled soul gems. Without VFSG, the glow/particles will always be active.