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This mod makes the game treat skill increases from quests as if there were raised via normal means.

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Quest Skill Reward Fix

In the vanilla game, there are certain quests that reward the player with skill increases. Unfortunately, those increases are effected by the Mod<Skill> script functions, which simply increment the associated skill. The player does not receive any of the other perks normally associated with raising a skill: no progress towards the next level (if major or minor), and no credit toward a better multiplier at level up. Additionally, if that skill is a major or minor skill, this effectively reduces that character's maximum level potential, as it takes the place of a skill increase that could have contributed to the next level.

Instead, this mod detects when a skill increase is part of a quest reward and updates the appropriate player data structures as if the player had received the increase via one of the normal ways to raise skills. It also triggers a "skillRaised" lua event, so that other mods that act on that event will see these increases as well. Note also that, like vanilla, this will not increase skills past the cap (unless the player has uncapped them via MCP).

This mod has been tested with all possible outcomes of all the vanilla quests that reward skills: Widowmaker, The Price List, The Angry Trader, and The Silver Bowl. In addition to supporting the vanilla quests, it has an optional generic detection mode that can be enabled via the Mod Config Menu (disabled by default). This will allow correction of any quests added by mods that reward skills in the same way as the vanilla game.

Technical Details:
This mod triggers the "skillRaised" event once for each unit of skill increase. For example, in "The Price List", the player can receive +2 to Mercantile (assuming Mercantile <= 98). We generate two events, one for each increase. All the relevant data structures are set appropriately on the character when each event is triggered. In the event itself the source is set to "quest" and the new level is set appropriately. Setting the source to "quest" allows other mods to distinguish these increases if desired, while still allowing any mod that handles the "skillRaised" event to see them. A quest that increases multiple different skills is also handled correctly, though none of these occur in the vanilla game.

A one-to-one mapping of skill increases to events was chosen to match vanilla; to the best of my knowledge it's not possible to generate a "skillRaised" event that represents an increase of more than 1 with the vanilla methods of raising skills.

Note: This mod uses the pre-release 2.1 branch of MWSE, currently in development.

This mod requires Morrowind Graphic Extender (MGE-XE) 0.10.1 or later and the latest nightly build of MWSE.

Extract the archive into .\Data Files in your Morrowind installation directory. The mod should contain the following files:
.\Data Files\MWSE\mods\merz\quest_skill_reward_fix\main.lua
.\Data Files\MWSE\mods\merz\quest_skill_reward_fix\config.lua
.\Data Files\MWSE\mods\merz\quest_skill_reward_fix\quests.lua

Using this Mod:
There is no esp file to activate. Simply install the MWSE 2.1 and this mod, and load up an old or new game.

Delete the .\Data Files\MWSE\mods\merz\quest_skill_reward_fix folder.

Known Issues
None. Please report any issues on the Nexus page.

Incompatibilities & Save Game Warnings
This mod does not alter the save game contents in any way, and is clean to run with any other known mod. If a conflict is found, please report it on the Nexus.