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Makes men more muscular and women more feminine by reshaping them to shorter and curvacious sizes. Rather than resizing all races the same way these height/weight changes depend on character's race to make it more diversified, lore-friendly and fun.

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I was inspired by the simple and great Swole S'wits mod, but decided to take it a little bit further.

Just like in Swole S'wits mod all races received a weight buff, so that women are more feminine and men more muscular, but those increases have been diversified for the sake of lore and common sense. On top of that I've refined characters' heights taking race and gender into account.

Unlike vanilla where the difference was barely noticable, women are now more visibly shorter than men, almost by a head just like in real life. High Elves are still the tallest but also the skinniest. Orcs are the next tallest and heaviest, on third place size wise are nords. Nord women are still quite tall but not as curvy as other women. Dark Elves are slightly shorter and slimmer than Imperials and Bretons. Bretons are a tad less bulky than Imperials.

To add some fun diversification Breton women are distincly more curvacious and shorter now, but not as short as Wood Elves women - they have been slimed down and shortened to proportionally match their male counterparts (I know, that part is not quite lore-friendly but let's give those poor guys some chances).

Khajits are also smaller than Argonians to make them stand out more when they appear together.

Copy the .esp file to your game's Data Files directory and select it in the Morrowind Launcher.