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Improves Journal Entries by adding details such as where you need to turn a quest in and in some cases improving directions where vanilla information is too vague.

Permissions and credits
If you've ever found yourself wondering which town's Fighters Guild headquarters so-and-so resides in so you can complete a quest, this mod is for you. The goal of this mod is to reduce the amount of information you need to personally remember or write down outside of the game so that you can just play the game. I will do my best to keep this balanced and not feel like a cheat. The vast majority of information added to journal entries is information the player should feasibly have access to.

This is a first pass on a project which I hope to continue to work on and improve. However, the remaining work will take time and most likely your input to achieve. The current state of this mod is good and I'm quite happy with it, but there is still room for improvement. I'll include some discussions on this page for people to add requests and feedback. If you are interested in helping, please do!

Compatibility and load order:
This mod edits existing journal entries for quests and nothing more. It should be
compatible with most mods and load order should not matter too much. It
does not edit quests themselves or add new journal entries, so there is
little to no risk of this breaking things.
Two types of mods do need to be considered. This should load after patch mods like Patch for
Purists, as those mods tend to fix things like typos in journal entries.
This should also load before any mods that overhaul quests or add new
quests (just to be safe).
Completed Material Status

Fighter's Guild: Return Locations
Mages Guild: Return Locations
Thieves Guild: Return Locations
Tribunal Temple: Return Locations
Imperial Cult: Return Locations
Imperial Legion: Return Locations
House Hlaalu: Return Locations
House Redoran: Return Locations
House Televanni: Return Locations
Tribunal:  Return Locations(partial)
Bloodmoon: Return Locations(partial)
Main Quest:
Miscellaneous quests: Return Locations (partial)
Morag Tong: Return Locations(partial)
Daedric: Return Locations, Quest Directions

Quest Return Locations:
I've included which guild location after the quest giver's name in the initial quest entry.
So for example "[Name] asked me to..." is now something like "[Name], in Balmora, asked me to..."
This way you don't need to remember the names and locations of every quest giving NPC in the game. If you have a terrible memory like me and have 15+ active quests in your journal this can really ease a lot of frustration. If you never had a problem before, the impact in this addition to entries is pretty minor (2-3 extra words).

Quest Directions:
So far I've only done this for Azura's Quest ("an island near" changed to "an island to the northwest"). My plan is to expand on this to improve unnecessarily vague directions for specific quests that tend to frustrate players. Note that I feel most quests do a fine job of telling you where to go, so this is not expected to change a lot. What I'm looking for is to find and fix the few quests that give instructions which are inferior to the majority of quests.

Quest Requirements:
This category is for any quests that require an item or action to be completed that is not listed in a journal entry, but logically should. I'll use Azura's Quest as an example again. In that quest you need to bring a specific item to Azura as proof, but that item is not named after you obtain it and it can be accidentally removed from your inventory before finishing the quest. Now it is listed in the appropriate journal entry.