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Allows you to continue working for the Blades after Caius' departure and deliver useful information to them that you may have picked up during your travels. Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Have you ever though that the Blades faction needed a bit more content in vanilla? Did you grow up watching James Bond movies? Were you the kid who told on your classmates to the teacher? Or perhaps you always wanted a good roleplay opportunity for a spy/agent character? Then this mod is for you.

With this mod you can finally be a proper member of the Blades, and like a good spy, deliver useful information that you stumble upon during your travels to them. A while after Caius Cosades departs to Cyrodiil, (it is triggered by reading the note to 'Amaya' that Mehra Milo leaves for you, specifically) a new Spymaster of the Blades will appear in his house. She will tell you that her job is taking over Caius' position as Spymaster of the Vvardenfell branch of the Blades, and that she does not desire to intervene in your business concerning the prophecies, but if you happen to come across useful information during your travels, and tell her about it, she would reward you. You would get an amount of gold based on the usefulness of the information, and if the information is particularly useful, advancement in the Blades. The way you learn "useful information" is triggered by the presence of certain items in your inventory, or certain journal entries. All of them are vanilla, but they are arranged in a way that no vanilla quest would be broken, if you decide to also inform the Blades about what you've learned. There are altogether 31 pieces of information that you may deliver, but it won't be offered to you on a silver platter. I'm afraid that you would need to use your own common sense to determine whether something you come across may interest the Blades or not. (But there are some examples among the screenshots to give you a basic idea.) If you are an especially diligent and talented spy, you can also earn the highest rank in the Blades eventually!

The mod IS compatible with Blades Quest: Prophecy of the Lost Heir and The Rise of the Tribe Unmourned, in a sense that the mod could be used together with these, and you wouldn't experience any bugs and issues. Whether the usage of these mods together would make sense story-wise is another question, as these mods also deal with a new Spymaster replacing Caius.

The mod has been cleaned with TESAME, and it has been tested several times and no bugs or issues were encountered.