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Necromancer's Amulet and the Bloodworm Helm now have their own unique model. Alongside some adjustments to the stats for artifacts in game to match the ones they are described to have in the lore. Also now Eltonbrand has a unique appearance and Madstone of the Ahemussa is unique again due to a model swap on the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet.

Permissions and credits
Changes are as follows:

- Necromancer's Amulet -> New model and value increased from 240 to 24000.

- Bloodworm Helm -> New Model.

-Dragonbone Cuirass -> Renamed to Dragonbone Mail, altered the Mournhold Museum dialogue and topic to reflect this change. Enchantment is now cast on use to resist fire 100% and cast fire damage at a distance.

- Daedric Crescent -> Renamed to Daedric Crescent Blade. Also added a damage health enchantment to it.

- Staff of Magnus -> Swapped out it's restore health enchantment to an absorb health one.

- Volendrung -> Gave it an enchantment and increased it's value from 600 to 60000.

- Auriel's Shield -> Gave it an enchantment.

- Auriel's Bow -> Gave it an enchantment.

- Mehrunes' Razor - Changed it's enchantment to a potent damage health effect to be more lore friendly with the instant death description.

- Lord's Mail -> Added an absorb health enchantment to it.

- Ring of the Wind -> Replaced it's fortify agility with fortify speed.

- Eltonbrand -> New Model.

- Daedric Sanctuary Amulet -> Different model (so that Madstone of the Ahemmusa is unique again).

- Fork of Horripilation -> Model has different texture layout to make it unique (original fork model is cut content known as Iron Fork).

As for the design of the two artifacts that are now unique. I wanted to not stray too far from the vanilla models they were using. I felt like Bethesda gave the necromancer amulet the exquisite one on purpose. They didn't have time to make a unique model so they chose one that has a green gem in the middle, something that the necromancer amulet has in the series including Daggerfall. So I modified an exquisite amulet to bring it more in line with the amulet in future installments while also keeping it in line with the vanilla implementation. This also goes for the Bloodworm Helm. It is a Nordic Trollbone Helm in the base game, and the lore mentions it as magically formed bone. In Oblivion, the Bloodworm helm is a modified version of the helm of Oreyn Bearclaw. In Morrowind, the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw is a modified version of the Nordic Trollbone Helm. So I took all that into consideration and also the vanilla implementation, so I settled on something between the Trollbone Helm and Oreyn Bearclaw.

For version 1.1, Eltonbrand is now blue for the Bluebrand Easter egg, and Daedric Sanctuary Amulet is a common Dunmeri claw amulet so that it is not sharing a model with another artifact from the main quest.

Version 1.2, Fork of Horripilation is unique now with slightly darker handle textures. This is so mods using the fork model would not be the same as this artifact. Tamriel Rebuilt used Iron Forks quite a lot and I plan to have Iron Forks in Cutting Room Floor in the future.

Version 1.2.1, Added Ring of Namira from Cutting Room Floor, the difference is that in this mod an enchantment is applied to it (Reflect 30% CE). This is to not take any liberties with CRF, and also this mod makes it okay to add enchantments to items, so it essentially copies Volendrung, Auriels relics, etc.. Also, the Eltonbrand icon is now cleared out of the textures folder.

Version 1.2.2, reverted to v 1.2 which means no Ring of Namira. Though the eltonbrand icon is not present in textures like in v1.2.1. Ring of Namira I decided will have the enchantment done through Cutting Room Floor.

Version 1.2.3, fixed an issue with TR_Blade quest where you are selling or donating the Dragonbone Mail. Issue was the wrong topic would be added via the MuseumScript, but now this is corrected so that the player can continue to do so. Also Volendrung had a slight change. It's effect is now cast on use because it now has an added restore health on self enchantment added (as per the lore).

Version 1.2.4. Replaced the edited Staff of Magnus enchantment with the actual usused lore accurate enchantment already in the game files, just had to change it from cast once ot cast on use. Assigned to both Staff of Magnus and the Museum version.  Also removed the second Ring of Surroundings from Dren Planation, and replaced it with l_m_rings level list that spawn random rings in the chest instead.