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As you start the game, talk to a guard to collect your possessions and powers/spells based on a profession you choose (it can be the same as your class, or not). As you level up, you will get to pick a few new abilities.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not supporting this mod anymore: Ahead of the Classes does the same thing and more, but much better ;)

By Balathustrius, Danae

From the Original readme:
Succinctly, this mod adds more special abilities, once-a-day-powers, and starting equipment to your character, depending on your stated choice of character class.  This is intended to simulate training, talents, or skills that your character might have developed before incarceration independent of Morrowind's skillsets. 

My edits:
  • nerfed the enchanted bow for the archer profession (constant fortify marksman 15 to 10)
  • nerfed the Bladsinger: Manifest Blade is now a power.
  • The dialogue to choose your profession is now availalbe from any guard (as opposed to Sellus Gravius in Seyda Neen) to make the mod compatible with various chargen mods
  • The topic (professions and abilities) are available from the start and don't need to be added via console, even when not starting a new game or when not starting in Seyda Neen.
  • dialogue and journal entries tweaked to reflect the changes.
  • dialogue tweaks based on SpaceDevo's suggestions.

This mod has no assets, does not touch any cell and does not modify vanilla topics.
I have not renamed the esp to preserve the mlox rules (if any). As a result, the esp is still called Class Abilities 3.1

When you start a game, talk to the nearest guard (any will do as long as their class is 'guard') about profession.
Later on as you level up, you will be given the opportunity to select additional abilities, those are independant of your class or profession.

This mod is entirely Balathustrius', I merly edited bits of it for balance and compatibility. You can fin the original mod here
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.

Profession details:
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skills: +10 Marksman
Starting Equipment:  Very Good
Daily Powers  Blind Rage 
Constant Abilities: +1 Fatigue Regen, +30 Feather
Bonus Skills +5 Axe, +5 Athletics
Starting Equipment: Poor
Special:  +5 Strength
Daily Powers:  Leap, Manifest Blade
Constant Abilities: +15 Sanctuary +15 Fortify Attack
Bonus Skills: +5 Longblade, +5 Unarmored
Starting Equipment:  Average
Daily Powers:  Inspire Fealty, Inspire Courage
Constant Abilities:  None
Bonus Skills: +5 speechcraft, +5 heavy armor
Starting Equipment: Excellent
Special: +10 personality
Daily Powers:  Heal Other, Inspire Courage, Blessing, Strength of One
Constant Abilities:  +20 Reflect
Bonus Skills:  None
Starting Equipment:  Good
Daily Powers:  Called Shot, Call Wolf Companion
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skills: +5 marksman, +5 sneak, +5 alchemy
Starting Equipment: Poor
Daily Powers:  Daedric Barrier, Magicka Leech
Constant Abilities:  Magicka Mult Bonus 5, +10 Spell Absorption
Bonus Skills: None
Starting Equipment:  Excellent
Daily Powers:  Silence, Dispel Magicka, Magicka Leech, Anti-Magic Sphere
Constant Abilities: +50 Magicka Resistance
Bonus Skills: +5 Blunt Weapon, +5 Block
Starting Equipment:  Excellent
Daily Powers:  Heal Self, Heal Other, Calm, Blessing, Strength of One
Constant Abilities:  None
Bonus Skills:  +5 Restoration, +5 Alchemy
Starting Equipment:  Poor
Daily Powers:  Martial Trance, Leap
Constant Abilities: +10 Sanctuary, +10 Fortify Attack, +30 Magicka Resistance
Bonus Skills: +5 Unarmed, +5 Hand to Hand
Starting Equipment: Worthless
Daily Powers:  Call Wolf Companion, Lightning Shield, Wild Empathy
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skills: None
Starting Equipment: Poor
Special:  May calm animals at will
Daily Powers:  Greater Alchemy, Poison
Constant Abilities:
Bonus Skills: +10 Alchemy
Starting Equipment: Excellent
Daily Powers:  Frost Shield, Lightning Shield, Daedric Barrier, Break Resistance, Summon Clannfear
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skills +5 Destruction, +5 Heavy Armor
Starting Equipment:  Very Good
Daily Powers:  Greater Enchanting
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skills +10 Enchant
Starting Equipment:  Excellent
Special: May cast Minor Soultrap at will
Daily Powers:  Magicka Leech
Constant Abilities:  Magicka Mult Bonus 8, +15 Spell Absorption
Bonus Skills: +5 Alteration
Starting Equipment: Very Good
Special:  +5 Intelligence
Daily Powers:  Summon Skeletal Minion, Summon Bonewalker, Terror, Decrepify, Unholy Blessing
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skills: +5 Conjuration
Starting Equipment: Worthless
Special:  +5 Willpower
Daily Powers:  Summon Scamp, Summon Dremora, Daedric Barrier
Constant Abilities:  None
Bonus Skills:  +5 Conjuration, +5 Enchant
Starting Equipment:  Very Good
Constant Abilities: +5 Jump, +1 Slowfall, +5 Sanctuary
Bonus Skills: +10 Acrobatics
Starting Equipment: Worthless
Special:  +5 Agility
Daily Powers:  Sleep, Escape, Backstab
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skills +10 Sneak
Starting Equipment: Very Good
Daily Powers:  Backstab, Poison
Constant Abilities:  +5 Sanctuary, +5 Fortify Attack
Bonus Skills: +5 sneak
Starting Equipment:  Average
Daily Powers:  Charm, Escape, Calm, Dire Charm, Taunt, Pick-Pocket
Constant Abilities:  None
Bonus Skills:  None
Starting Equipment:  Good
Daily Powers:  Escape, Invisibility, Magicka Leech
Constant Abilities: Magicka Mult Bonus of 5
Bonus Skills: +10 Illusion
Starting Equipment:  Worthless
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skills: +5 Sneak, +5 Security
Starting Equipment: Worthless
Special:  +5 Luck
Daily Powers:  Swindle, Charm
Constant Abilities: None
Bonus Skillss: +15 Mercantile
Starting Equipment: Excellent
Special:  +5 Personality