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This mod delevels all levelled lists. similarly to Abot's Deleveler, but this mod works automatically and requires no maintenance.

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OperatorJack's Deleveler
By: OperatorJack & RedFurryDemon

This mod delevels all levelled lists. similarly to Abot's Deleveler. Whereas Abot's mod is a batch tool that requires manual use, this mod is automatic and requires no maintenance. This means that any levelled item or creature that required the player be a certain level to spawn will no longer require a specific level to spawn. Creatures that previously may not have spawned until the player was level 25 will now spawn at level 1.

Simply install the mod, and all levelled lists will be deleveled. This includes vanilla lists, mod added lists, and lists added mid-playthrough. For mods that edit the same list, you still need to merge levelled lists using a list merging tool. If you want to select the type of levelled lists to delevel, you can use the in-game MCM to change the configuration settings. You can choose to delevel creature lists, item lists, or both.

This mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW, at least until support for MWSE mods is added.