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Adds a Silver Staff of Peace into the inventory of each Mouth in the Telvanni Council.

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"Baladas will be joining the council, and, as we agreed, I will be your patron. Please accept this Silver Staff of Peace, the traditional patron's gift to his protege. You are now my Mouth in House Telvanni with all the duties and privileges of that rank." - Master Aryon

"If I'm your Mouth, you'll be my patron. You'll need to give me a Silver Staff of Peace." - Fast Eddie

Indeed, it seems that a Telvanni Mouth's symbol of office is the Silver Staff of Peace. Yet in vanilla, only you get one when you become a Mouth, which you would have to give to Fast Eddie when he becomes your Mouth. Therefore this mod adds a Silver Staff of Peace into the inventory of the six other Telvanni Mouths, including Baladas' Mouth, who only shows up mid-game.

NPCs modified: Arara Uvulas, Enar Releth, Felisa Ulessen, Galos Mathendis, Mallam Ryon, Raven Omayn

Even with Weapon Sheathing, you might not see them carrying the staff, as they might not equip it. But it IS in their inventory, which you can check if you kill them/steal the staff from them/have a mod which allows you to convince them to agree to "Companion Share." I just thought that it would make sense that they would carry their staff, especially when they are having a meeting in the Telvanni Council, which is like 100% of the time.

The mod does not cater for the needs of people who use any mods such as Rise of House Telvanni, which adds new Mouths into the Council, only the vanilla Mouths get a staff with this mod. (Possibly Rise of House Telvanni might have already given the weapon to the new Mouths it adds into the world anyway, idk.)

Compatible with everything, clean, bug-free.