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A version of TaiyakaJade's excellent "Mournhold Courtiers" mod, which contains everything from the original mod, and is compatible with Princess Stomper's Mournhold Palace Revamped mod.

Permissions and credits
This is my version of TaiyakaJade's excellent "Mournhold Courtiers" mod, which adds courtiers into the Royal Palace of Mournhold, such as advisors, nobles, ladies-in-waiting, ambassadors of the Great Houses and the other provinces and so on. They also have unique dialogue and backgrounds, and there's an opportunity to do a small fetch quest for one of them.

What I modified was only that I moved three NPCs around, in order to make the mod compatible with Princess Stomper's Mournhold Palace Revamped mod, (overhauls the royal palace excellently, making it look like a real palace - instead of a small hole like in vanilla, -  with a huge throne room, banquet hall, library and so on) so that they wouldn't be stuck in doors and walls if you have both mods active. Mournhold Palace Revamped also serves as a base for another one of Princess Stomper's mods: Royal Chargen, which makes it possible for you to roleplay as Helseth's illegitimate child. This way you can have all, oh you greedy mod user!

If you don't have either "Mournhold Palace Revamped" or "Royal Chargen," please download the original mod (link provided above), as if you have the vanilla palace, with my mod, then the NPCs would be stuck in walls and doors. Only use this, if you have "Mournhold Palace Revamped" or "Royal Chargen," this is merely a compatibility version of the original mod.

Further compatibility grievances:

According to TaiyakaJade's original description: "No vanilla NPCs are modified except for two lines in Helseth's dialogue, so this should be compatible with anything - provided it doesn't alter stages 20 and 100 of Helseth's Champion."


Obviously, thank you TaiyakaJade for the original mod, and giving me permissions to modify it.

Thank you, Princess Stomper, for the Mournhold Palace Revamped/Royal Chargen mod.