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There are multiple mentions of a vault in Tel Naga but none actually exists. This will add a proper vault to Tel Naga Tower for your plundering pleasure.

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In Sadrith Mora, Fast Eddie tells of a vault that contains the Ring of Equity. This is also implied in the book "Realizations of Acrobacy." This mod fixes this inconsistency and adds a small vault in a formerly empty room in Tel Naga tower. Now you can see the results of your exploits in House Telvanni and have a new vault to plunder.

You will be unable to open the display case until you reach a certain point in the Telvanni questline with Fast Eddie.

Cleaned with TESCS and Tes3Cmd

Thanks to Stoporstar for Uvirith's Modders Resource.
Thanks to Dongle for the resources of the Display case meshes.