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Citadel535 but most work by the amazing Tamriel Rebuilt team and TES3 Community

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This is a collection of random mods from a Morrowind binge that I started playing again. All are personal projects that I may abandon or continue.

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This is a collection of random personal mods that I made from a Morrowind binge that I started playing again.

It's nothing special, just minor simple nif edits or personal tweaks but I enjoy it so figured I would share it as well as with modder's who may want head variety for Dunmers.

A Land of War and Poetry

The main mod ALandofWarandPoetry.esp aims to add more Dunmer models with piercings with pierced ear hairs based off of vanilla and piercings on faces. You need Tamriel Rebuilt's bsas registered for this (one male mesh is based on newer TR work in progresses so some users may be missing textures with that one for now).

ALWP - Netch Adamantium Quiver

The mod ALWP - Netch Adamantium Quiver quiver adds a quiver for the netch adamantium armor made by Cythus. Personally I felt the quiver included didn't match the quality of the rest of the armor so based it off the chitin one since it seemed to match the aesthetic well. Note I made this from kind of reverse figuring out how the sheaths work so maybe there are nif issues but it works for me in OpenMW.

Original mod here:

ALWP - Armored Indoril Robe Tweak

The mod ALWP - Armored Indoril Robe Tweak is a response to my pet peeve about one robe from Ivolga's Armored Robes. This removes the Imperial looking seals from the Temple Armored Robe. Nothing big just a personal preference. A huge thanks to Ivolga for creating those mods so I can role-play my Ordinator like a real zealot.

Original mod here:

Tested against OpenMW.


  • Tamriel Rebuilt Team
  • OpenMW Team
  • akortunov
  • Cythus
  • Greatness7
  • Heinrich
  • Hrnchamd
  • Ivolga
  • London Rook
  • Lord Berandas
  • Melchior Dahrk
  • MementoMoritius
  • NullCascade
  • PetetheGoat
  • PikachunoTM
  • Remiros
  • The amazing modders who contribute to the TES3 community

All credit for the OpenMW implementation goes to akortunov and the OpenMW team.