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A mod that boost the Mercantile and Speechcraft of all Traders in Vanilla Morrowind and its expansions to be on par with their Personality attribute. By default, most NPC traders have 20 merc or less, leading to serious game breaking exploits. This mod rectifies this exploit and makes Bartering an immersive challenge to old and new players alike!

Permissions and credits

Have you ever felt that the merchants and service traders were total pushovers? Have you ever managed to buy stuff from a merchant and sell it back to them for far more than what you bought it for to begin with? Do you just want to put an end to a game breaking exploit for good?

Then this is the mod for you!

This mod was designed with the sole purpose of rectifying one the games worst exploits, that the game shipped with on day one. This was tediously made in the OpenMW-CS and tested in OpenMW.

[What this mod does]:

- Every single(modifiable) Merchant, Trader and Service NPC in Vanilla Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon has been individually modified to have each if their Mercantilism and Speechcraft skills to be identical to their Personality Attribute.

- No more of 90% of mercs of all varieties having anywhere between 6-20 mercantilism like in vanilla. The minimum you will now find in both Speechcraft and Mercantilism for trader NPC’s is now 35. Many Merc’s are between the 40’s to 60’s, but some NPC traders go as high as the 80’s to 100.

- Greatly rectifies taking advantage of a Immersion and game-breaking exploit. How does the exploit work you ask (no, you really shouldn't take advantage of it)? At a relatively low level in Mercantile, you can start buying stuff at a low cost and sell it back to them for significantly more than what you paid for it. This gets extremely out of hand at high levels, where you could buy an Item that by default would cost you around 2000gp for just 1000gp, and then sell it back to that same merchant for 3000gp. Taking advantage of this exploit, especially when combined with the Creeper and Mudcrab Merchants, completely ruins the game! It simply has to go. Yes, exploits are considered cheating, you are cheater if you use exploits rather than ignoring or rectifying them, which is the purpose of this mod. Anyone who takes advantage of this exploit, is simply not going to enjoy the game as the developers intended.

[Highly recommended to use with]:

PeterBitt's Creeper and Mudcrab NoTrade (Preferred)


TheDrunkenMudcrab's Creeper and Mudcrab Merchant Balance:

[What’s different in 2.0 compared to 1.1?]:

-The critical difference is the two completely different methods by which the NPC’s are affected to get their Mercantile and Speechcraft up to their personality level.

-In 1.1 (for Vanilla), 592 affected NPC’s have their stats directly modified. This direct modification approach is compatible with both Vanilla and OpenMW (apparently not after a recent retest) is compatible with Vanilla, but can easily cause conflicts with other mods that modify those NPC’s (such as Morrowind Rebirth, which also heavily modifies merchants Speech and Merc). Use 1.1 if you are using the vanilla Morrowind Engine and have a compatible setup. Version 1.1 is NOT compatible with old saves.

- In 2.0 (for OpenMW), 583 affected NPC’s are in a huge 3345 line script (This does not affect performance). This approach is Compatible with only OpenMW, but prevents conflicts with other mods that directly modify those NPC’s. It’s 583 NPC’s instead of 592, simply because several of those 592 NPC’s are actually not present in the game, and they were preventing the script from compiling. Use this if you use OpenMW! Version 2.0 IS totally compatible with old saves.

- Even though 2.0 is a higher version number, using either 1.1 or 2.0 depends on your own setup. It’s a trade off. Use 1.1 if you play in the Vanilla Morrowind engine and have no compatibility issues with other mods. Use 2.0 if you use OpenMW, don’t want compatibility issues with other mods. 2.0 also allows you to use it on old saved games


Version 2.0 is OpenMW exclusively compatibility only! Version 2.0 Should be compatible with mods that directly modify the same NPC’s, because it relies on a script to change NPC stats rather than directly editing NPC stats. Starting a new character is not necessary, as it is entirely compatible with old saved games.

-Version 1.1 Works with both OpenMW and the Vanilla engine! Version 1.1 WILL (almost certainly) conflict with mods like Morrowind
Rebirth. I have not tested this myself, feel free to try yourself. For version 1.1, it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to use this mod with a fresh character. Installing version 1.1 of this mod on a pre-existing save game will result in no change to the Stats of the Traders of Morrowind, as the game will remember the NPC stats from the save file, atleast in OpenMW. After installing this, I would not advise uninstalling this at any point, unless you want to risk losing the NPC trader stats for good.Make sure to use this with a fresh character!


-For vanilla Installation, Simply extract the contents of the folder,then place the .esp file of your download choice into your ~/Morrowind/Data Files folder, then use Morrowind Launcher to tick the box besides either “No Pushover Merchants 1.1” or “No Pushover Merchants 2.0”, and you should be good to go. Will not work with an old save.

- For OpenMW, the process should be as straightforward as the above, just with the OpenMW Launcher instead.

[Change Log]:

- (February 16, 2020) Switched out the main file because I modified the Readme for clarity

- (February 16, 2020) Discovered I made a bad mistake and uploaded a very incomplete version of the mod, then uploaded the good version of the mod (My sincerest apologies to all who downloaded the bad version of the mod!).

- (February 17, 2020) Version 1.1 released, increasing the number of covered NPC's from 385 to 582! This is a vast improvement over version 1.0. The reason these weren't covered in 1.0 before is because many of the In-Game traders are not under a typical service label, especially somewhere in the ballpark of 160+ trainer NPC's. The rest are various Miscellaneous Trader NPC's that i found weren't under normal service labels. 1.1 is compatible with both the OpenMW and Vanilla Engines.

- (February 17, 2020) - Version 2.0 released. 2.0 affects the same NPC's as 1.1, but relies on scripting instead of a direct edit as in 1.1. Version 2.0 is only OpenMW compatible! 1.1 is compatible with both OpenMW and the Vanilla engine! Use either version according to your own needs.

[Future Version Plans]:

- Going to go through every single Tamriel Rebuilt merc, trader and service NPC to make a TR version of the mod.

- Please Note that a Tamriel Rebuilt version of the mod will more than likely require a fresh character in order to register the NPC stat changes properly.
Thank You for your understanding.

- If you have any issue or bug or issue caused by this mod of any kind, let me know.


-ComradeSokami (The author)

-PoodleSandwich for providing a basic template to script the 2.0 version of the mod.

-Capo for helping to troubleshoot an issue with the 2.0 version of the mod.