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Adds a Redoran Master Helm into the home of almost every Redoran Councilor.

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As Melchior Dahrk's list of Morrowind inconsistencies points it out, the game implies that MANY Redoran councilors have a Redoran Master Helm, but in-game, only two out of the six actually have them. (Arobar, Llethri.)

This mod adds Redoran Master Helms into the home of two other councilors (Venim, Morvayn) so that it would be close to the idea that "many" of them have one, but not "all" of them, only "many." When placing the helms, I had two criteria in mind:

1. It should be in a logical place, where one would likely store such an item.
2. It should be a place with guards or at least NPCs around, so that it would be a challenge for a thief.

Hopefully this mod will make the game more immersive, and also provide some variety for completing that Thieves' Guild quest.

The mod is bug-free, clean and should be compatible with everything.


Why does Morvayn have a helm? She's not a warrior!

Obviously, when their home were overrun by Corprus Monsters, the things she grabbed as they fled were the most valuable things. Among them were the helm of her late husband.

Okay, but why didn't you give one to Ramoran or Sarethi instead of her? I get it that the text says "many" and not "all" councilors have one, but they shouldn't have been kept out! Morvayn should have been!

As I said, the two criteria for placing the helms were being in a logical place, and in a place where it would be a challenge for a thief to steal from. I couldn't find such a place in their manors. To remedy that, I could have added a couple more guards into their bedrooms for example, but that would have been outside the scope of this mod. I could have added them into their inventories, but then they would equip it (why would they do that in their own homes?). I could have added a damaged one into their inventories so that they wouldn't get equipped (but why wouldn't they repair their helms? Such a person is clearly not worthy of being a Redoran councilor!) Also, consider that Sarethi is an agent (uses light armor) and Ramoran has a full set of Dwemer armor. That helm might not be actually useful for them, and they're not the type like Venim, who would acquire one just for the sake of prestige, even if it's not ever actually used in combat. So yeah, Arobar, Llethri, Venim and Morvayn it is. Ramoran and Sarethi won't get any.