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- removed the weapons from the game
They have been greatly impoved in Killing Spree in terms of balance and distrubution. Armours are under way. This mod will be superseded.

Sandman did an amazing job compiling and integrating thousands of armour sets and weapons into the game with H.E.L.L.U.V.A Awesome Armor  and Wicked Weapons.
- hundreds of armour pieces and hundreds of weapons
- addition of beast leggings to all vanilla armour sets
- addition of female cuirasses based on Domina mesh
There were however two main issues: all lot of the near gear was not balanced at all and a good portion was simple retextures or even recolours.
> The much dreaded violet Dwemer cuirass, the Rainbow glass shield, the Pink Daedric warhammer, etc...
Spiffyman later took the time to re-balance the stats and prices based on Alaisiagae's Armor Integrative Modifications and gave us H.E.L.L.U.V.A Balanced.
> no more armour worth half a million septims or weapons capable of one-shotting Dagoth Ur.
In turn, I want to contribute by removing a good number of armour sets and weapons:
I removed...
- recolours
- low effort kit-bashing
- super vibrant colours
- very shiny
- very solid one-colour textures
- a lot of the weapons with vfx
- clones of unique items 
What else:
- fixed names (typos and inconsistencies
- optimized the textures with Ordenator
- deleted weapons that were not in the balanced weapon plugin.
- fixed scripts (simple indent + deleted redundant endifs)
- converted icons to dds format
- gave transparency to icons

A few remarks:
- Some of the gear was made for BB, some not, a lot use the domina mesh for female armour. You've been warned.
- I have left some of the more original sets and/or retextures because they were original and could suit specific characters.
- Most of HedgeHog12's armour is gone because their style is probably a little too over the top for most players and they tend to not fit in a more sober install of Morrowind. If you like the style, I strongly recommend you check The Symphony : it includes revised and improved version of these older armour sets, as well as new models and textures for pretty much everything in-game.
- Melchior's Silt Strider Armour has been removed because it has been reworked by the Resdayn Revival team.
- All lot of the models are inferior to the beautiful new ones we get nowadays. They tend to be a lot less lore-friendly too.  Again, you have been warned.
- The screenshots/gifs are here to give you an idea of what's been cut: after hours looking at thousands of models, deciding what to do, hunting down and deleting unnecessary files, etc I may have left images / deleted images by mistake.

Packaged with Wrye Mash in mind.
1/ Install 00- Core
2/ Choose between 01 - Balanced Merged and 01 - Balanced Modular

> Load Helluva before any other Armor mod.

removed armour and weapons (no recolours, no shiny, no crazy vfx)
removed their corresponding body parts, scripts, models and textures
optimised textures (Ordenator)
cleaned scripts
removed more weapons
converted icons to dds format
gave transparency to icons
fixed scripts I had missed
- re-did 6 icons that weren't displaying
- removed additionnal gear deemed unworthy
- trimmed down the zip size

The many many modders who contributed their armour and weapon mods (all the readmes are included)
Sandman for HELLUVA itself: compiling mods, creating the levelled lists, adding scripts and beast leggings
Spiffyman for the Balanced stats