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The fourth entry in the Magic Mechanics mod series, this mod is inspired by Fliggerty's Better Telekinesis. Using telekinesis will now propel objects towards you with new VFX instead of immediately picking the item up.

Permissions and credits
Magic Mechanics - Enhanced Telekinesis
By: OperatorJack and Kurpulio


- Morrowind
- Tribunal
- Bloodmoon
- MGE XE 0.10.1
- MWSE 2.1+

This mod requires the most recently nightly build of MWSE. Please be sure to run the mwse-update.exe before playing this mod. If your MWSE build is not from January 23, 2020 or newer, you will receive errors.

Inspired by Fliggerty's Better Telekinesis, using telekinesis will now propel objects towards you with special effects instead of immediately picking the item up. Once they reach a certain distance from you, they will automatically be picked up. Items than cannot be picked up (beds, doors, etc.) and owned books will not be propelled towards you. These objects will instead show a temporary VFX. This VFX will play once and then be removed from the object.

If you change cells while an item is being moved towards you, or under certain other conditions, the item will be returned to it's original location.

This mod is provided via a BAIN installer consisting of 2 components:
00 - Core
  •  The base mod. This includes the new mechanic and VFX. This is required.
01 - Cast VFX
  •  Additional VFX. This includes more VFX that replace the default hit and casting VFX for the telekinesis effects. This is optional.

As a side note, the following are intentional. If you save and reload your game while an object is being moved towards you, it will be frozen in the position it was at when you saved your game. This is because there is no way to save the exact reference in MWSE. Please be conscious these details.
This mod does not use an ESP. This mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW.

Magic Mechanics Mod Series
The Magic Mechanics mod series is a collection of mods that expand, improve and alter the vanilla Morrowind magic system in various ways. Mods in this series start with the abbreviation "MM" in their titles. To view all of the mods currently in the series, take a look at the series documentation on GitHub!

MWSE-Lua code may be used for any purpose for Morrowind. Please do not use it for other games. Please credit OperatorJack as the original author of any code.

Otherwise, this mod or its contents may not be used without contacting the authors first. This was a team effort. Please contact us before using a given resource. 

Use a mod management tool to install the mod.

Use a mod management tool to remove any installed files from your mod directory.

- OperatorJack for initially creating the mod and all scripting / mechanics.
- Kurpulio for designing and creating the VFX.

- Fliggerty for his original mod that inspired this one.
- EJ-12 for his help and advice on particles and meshes, and creating mipmaps for some textures.
- Arkann : this mod uses casting and hit vfx from Magic Diversity as they look better than vanilla. In the future there will be new more matching vfx for these too.
- Greatness7, Merlord, R-Zero, Melchior Dahrk and the other people over on the Morrowind Modding Discord for their help and input.