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Changes the layout of the Imperial Chapel to be a bit more logical. Version 2.01 makes a couple of minor fixes.

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I never liked the vanilla layout of the Ebonheart, Imperial Chapel. It was way smaller than the exterior portrayed and it made no sense to have everyone in the same room where the religious services were held.

This is a bit larger on the exterior and interior (though if it's any more logical is up for debate). When you enter, you'll notice a corridor. To your immediate left is a room with the trainer, merchants and quest givers. The door leading to the downstairs sleeping area is also in this new room.

Downstairs, the sleeping area is more restful. It's slightly darker and no NPCs down there. You still need to be a member of the Imperial Cult to sleep in those beds though.

At the end of the corridor is the chapel and that is its only purpose (just like any other chapel in our nook of the universe). Lalatia Varian can still be found there.

Version 2.01 Fixes the Limeware Chapel Bowl so it can't be picked up once the player finishes the quest and returns the bowl. Also, fixes ownership tags on bunk beds.

If you run Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, make sure this mod loads before BCOM or there will be landscape conflicts.

Version 2.0:

I never received any feedback on this mod until Danae told me she liked it so it never occurred to me to update it until she told me some of the ideas she had. Her ideas inspired me and I came up with some ideas and now we have 2.0. I can't say thank you enough to Danae for doing the hard parts of this update.

Updated changes:

When you return the Chapel Limeware Bowl after completing the quest, it will appear on the table in the chapel.
Lalathia Varian has her own private room, but it's behind a locked door.
Added Imperial Cult members that will appear in the chapel at random times.
Added an infirmary with patients who will be there at random times.
One of the healers for each shift in the infirmary will sell potions. The cook sells food.

I hope you enjoy this immersive little update.

I also included an update to my Soul Gems for Sale mod. If you already use the original SGfS and you decide to use the Redo mod, then switch out the Soul Gems esp files and use the one in this file instead.

For those who don't know anything about my Soul Gems for Sale mod, I've included the original read me for that mod. It's basically the same except the location of the container with the soul gems for sale in Imperial Chapel is relocated to the main room with the enchanter merchant. Nothing else was changed.

Already compatible with Beautiful Cities of Morrowind.

That's it. Enjoy!