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several new options for journal pages and quests list

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Smart Journal
by abot

Makes it possible to toggle from MCM control panel these journal options:
- clear topics with no entries yet from the journal
- collapse journal paragraphs having the same date header
- skip links contained inside journal words
- add a prefix in order to group quest names (0 = No, 1 = source mod loading index, 2 = source mod condensed name, 3 = quest id)
- sort quests list by quest name (better to enable it when adding a prefix)
- add quest id to quest hint
- add source mod name to quest hint
- add source mod Author and Info to quest hint while Alt key pressed
- open first URL found in mod Info while Ctrl+Alt keys are pressed

requires latest development MWSE-Lua

Note: to reset mod configuration, you can simply delete the
Data Files\MWSE\config\abotSmart_Journal.json file