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Persuasive Speech - General Companion Mod (for Morrowind)
Version 1

This roleplayer-friendly mod adds the ability to recruit nearly any NPC as a companion with functional inventory sharing, as long as the proper conditions are met.

When the mod is started, a new dialogue topic called "adventuring" appears for most NPCs in the game. You can use this topic to try and get characters to join you. NPCs with an appropriate class will agree to accompany with the player without needing much convincing. Other NPCs will be willing to join the player with very high disposition (> 90). Some NPCs need certain conditions to be met before they will join. NPCs in most factions will follow the orders of a higher-ranking player (does not apply to the Guilds). There are some NPCs who will always refuse to join, but there are only a few of those.

Players are limited to a certain number of companions according to Personality and Speechcraft, to a maximum of ten. To recruit a companion, the player must be either higher level, or a higher rank in the same faction.

Companions level up whenever the player does (if they are currently following when it happens), with an increase in stats corresponding to their class. They regenerate health and magicka slowly and will teleport to the player when too far away (for if/when they get stuck somewhere).

Companions receive two new dialogue topics, Companion Info and Companion Share. Companion Info provides a report on the character's level, health, and their highest weapon and armor skills. Companion Share works very much like a pack rat, there's no profit tracking, just move items in and out of the companion's inventory.

Due to the way targeted scripts are handled, generic NPCs like Guards cannot be made companions, but if the player is a high enough rank in their faction, they can be given basic orders like following and waiting.

Use the mod with caution, as there is little stopping the player from making a companion out of an important quest NPC. In the spirit of Morrowind, you are fully free to break things. You should recruit an NPC only if you can afford to have them die.

Many thanks to the authors of "Morrowind Scripting for Dummies" and the Tamriel Rebuilt Modder's Guide, as well as the maintainers of The information they provide made this mod possible.

Thank you to Cortex whose Vampire Embrace mod provided a working example of dialogue-based companion share in vanilla Morrowind.

OpenMW required.