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Pluginless mwse-lua armor rebalancer using properties based on hollaajith's Armor Overhaul.

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Armor Auto-Balancer
An MWSE-lua mod by Siltocyn

A pluginless rebalancer for armor.
Changes weight, value, enchant capacity, max condition, and armor rating while maintaining compatibility with other armor mods.
The new armor properties are based on the tables provided by hollaajith's Armor Overhaul with a few minor tweaks.
a brief summary of what this mod changes:
  • armor rating ranges modified - Light Armor 5 to 40, Medium Armor 15 to 60, Heavy Armor 20 to 80
  • armor weights modified - heavier armor is heavier, light armor is lighter
  • 9 Game Settings (GMSTs) altered to account for new weight ranges:
- iGauntletWeight, iHelmWeight, iCuirassWeight, iBootsWeight, iPauldronWeight, iGreavesWeight, iShieldWeight
- fLightMaxMod & fMedMaxMod
  • values of top-tier items (Daedric, Glass, Ebony, etc) have been moderately reduced albeit not as significant a change as in hollaajith's overhaul (I suggest mort's Harder Barter for a balanced economy)
  • bound armor made 10% weaker than the Daedric counterparts
  • most artifacts are untouched unless the base material is detected by the script 
what this mod does NOT change that is changed in hollaajith's overhaul:
  • bound weapons do not have the weight of Daedric with a feather enchantment applied
  • armor names are not changed, left / right variants remain as "Chitin Left Pauldron"
  • the MPP fixes are not applied
you can see the full armor changes here, an auto-generated output log
There's a few hundred armor pieces so this mod has not been fully tested. I can't reasonably go through each piece and check if the balancing is sensible so for the most part I'm trusting that hollaajith's tables work well and provide for a balanced game. Let me know in the comments if you encounter anything odd and I'll make the appropriate fixes or changes.
Furthermore, the new properties are easily modifiable, and only require editing the data.lua file. You don't need to use these changes at all and can balance everything to your own preference. More details are in the file itself.

Because this mod is pluginless, it is compatible with all other mods that modify armor.

Something to keep in mind - armor material is determined through the armor's id or mesh path. Because of this, mods that add new armor with similar names to the default armor or that reuse default meshes will need to be added to the data.lua. You can assign new values or set no values for it to be left as default.
example: If a mod adds a "Fake Glass" armor set that's weaker than glass, this new armor will be given the properties of glass because the script detected "glass" but was not given "fake glass".
To keep the "Fake Glass" (or any other mod-added armor) left as default, open data.lua and add in the line
["fake glass"],

1. Install the most recent versions of MGE XE and MWSE 2.1
 Unzip the files into Morrowind/Data or install from a mod organizer