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For 500 gold you will have the opportunity to buy an "adventurer starter pack" with useful potions, torches and repair hammers from Arrille.

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With this mod, you will have the opportunity to buy an "adventurer starter pack," for 500 gold from Arrille through the dialogue. The pack contains useful items for any adventurer.

The contents of the pack:

3 apprentice's armorer's hammers
4 torches
A Potion of Fool's Luck (Almsivi Intervention on self)
A Standard Restore Strength Potion
3 Standard Restore Health Potions
2 Potion of Cure Common Disease
2 Potion of Cure Blight Disease
A Potion of Cure Paralyzation
A Potion of Cure Poison

Is this cheating?

In my view, no. For two reasons:

- The whole value of the pack is 395 gold, so you get the items for more gold than in other shops

- Some of the items are not the best of their type. For example, arguably a scroll for Almsivi Intervention would have been better than a potion, as it has less weight.

Therefore, while the items are extremely useful, especially for a low-level character, some balances have been built into the mod to be not considered cheating. The only way it makes your game easier is that it saves you the time of running around and getting the items from the invididual traders of Vvardenfell.