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Adds a new shop, 2 new NPCs, 17 new quests to Caldera, and adds unique background, personality and dialogue to most of the NPCs of the town.

Permissions and credits
Part of the Morrowind Modding Madness Competition
Team Suran Suran

Welcome to Caldera! Many things have changed since you were last here. Some new people moved in and started businesses. Those people who were already here now seem to be willing to share more of their personalities with you, and believe me, most of them are quite interesting, with their own problems and desires and stories. Some of them would also have tasks for you. But let me warn you, traveler: While the town seems to be a model Imperial town on the surface with a thriving economy, there are problems under the surface: There is crime, and corruption. Some people are desperate, or just horrible in general, and you cannot trust their word. I don’t believe in fairy tales anymore, and in one hero who solves every problem in the town. But are you part of the problem or the solution? Will you make life for the citizens of the town slightly less miserable, or will you add to our problems with your meddling?

Features of this mod:

- Unique background, personality and dialogue for most of the NPCs (Only most, because of compatibility reasons, see below)

- Some of the new, unique characters: The honorable captain of the guard, the Orcish priest of the Nine who had forsaken Malacath, a former mage who had a different reason for choosing the profession than most, and a girl who just wants to be left alone

- 17 new quests for you to do, for different characters with different personalities and faction affiliation, some of which gives you the freedom to make choices and have different outcomes

- New quests for the following factions: Imperial Cult, Imperial Legion, Thieves’ Guild

- Also several miscellaneous quests, for freelancers or those who want more

- One repetitive quest useful for roleplaying a commoner who has a regular job

- Some of the highlights: Cure the local drunkard of his addiction, help a former slave reunite with his mate, become the assistant at the shop of a penny-pinching trader, collect alms for the poor, fight crime as a town guard

- A new shop, The Caldera Candle Company: Browse their wares for the largest selection of candles in Vvardenfell, chat with the workers, or apply for a job at the company

- An endurable amount of humor, fourth-wall breaking, and pop culture references

- The mod is clean, bug-free and lore friendly


- It should be compatible with any major Caldera mods, but just to prevent dozens of questions about individual mods, we will enumerate some of the more famous mods that this one is compatible with:

- Most importantly: It is compatible with Morrowind Rebirth, the new shop is in a location that is not used by that

- It is compatible with any Caldera Mages’ Guild mods as Mages’ Guild people are not touched by the mod, for example:

Caldera Mages Guild Expanded
Magical Missions
Master Index
Rise of House Telvanni

- It is compatible with any Ghorak Manor mods, as Ghorak manor people are left untouched, for example:

Buyable Ghorak Manor
Ghorak Manor Redesigned
Ghorak Manor Renovated

- It is compatible with any LGNPC mods that touch Caldera in any way:

LGNPC Nerevarine 
LGNPC Secret Masters

- It should be compatible with any mod that adds a player home to Caldera, provided that its location is not the same as the location of the Caldera Candle Company (next to Ghorak manor, outside the walls), for example:

Cozy Caldera Cottage
Down the Well
SA Caldera House
Varo Manor

- Other mods that touch Caldera and this one is compatible with, for example:

Caldera Guild of Fighters
Caldera Mine Expanded
Chargen Revamped
Clear your name
Grandmaster of Hlaalu
Windmill in Caldera


This mod only needs Tribunal and Bloodmoon to run

To begin:

Just talk with the people, and socialize and very soon the new quests will become available for you. (Please note that some are based on faction affiliation)


Gavrilo93 – Quests, dialogue
RubberMan: New shop exterior and interior, some dialogue
Caeris: Testing, bugfixes
Danae - Cleaning and dialogue tweaks