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Ebonheart now has its own sewage system. With filth, rats, people and quests.

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A Morrowind Modding Madness 2019 mod by team Dandy Daedra:

- Adds a new sewer system to explore underneath Ebonheart.
- A cast of colourful new NPCs to meet. 
- A number of new misc quests suitable for low-level characters. 
- Quests with multiple paths, outcomes, and moral choices to make.
- Dynamic environments with traps and secret passages - be careful where you walk, and always be on the lookout!

Should be compatible with most mods, as most of our changes are in new interiors.
It should be now compatible with Morrowind Rebirth (at least until Rebirth moves Ebonheart walls again).
This is done enabling/disabling things by script according to global short variable dd19rebirth.
If you have MWSE-Lua the mod should auto-detect Rebirth and set the variable, else you will be asked
once at start if you have Rebirth installed, Yes button will set dd19rebirth to 1 = enabled.
Or you can change the settings to 0/1 directly from the in game console, e.g.
set dd19rebirth to 1 (to enable rebirth compatibility)
set dd19rebirthConfig to 0 (to have the config script reset and run again on save and reload)
Note that this does not mean we recommend installing rebirth, as it is currently still full of dirty cells and duplicated objects.

Drop the contents of the zip into your Data Files folder, or (recommended) use your favourite mod manager.

There is only one Known Bug. He's totally harmless.

1.17 renamed some statics (from dr_ prefix to dd19 prefix) to prevent possible conflicts with other mods using the same identifiers for containers.
If you don't have any warnings/crashes about items type conflicts you can skip this update.
1.16 fixed a row boat position incompatibility with Rebirth moving Ebonheart docks (again...)
1.15 fixed mwscript.scriptRunning parameter, now mwse-Lua script should always autodetect Rebirth correctly
1.14 lowered by 1 the number of days passing before some quest-involved NPCs disappear
1.13 fixed a branch of the prisoner quest not marked as finished (hint: be curious, check the place where you found him after he's gone)
1.12 couple more tweaks
- small dialog tweak
- fixed starting script question sometimes running 2 times
1.10b fixed a possible incompatibility in MWSE\mods\dd19\02\main.lua script
- tweaked 2 spells
- fixed a rebirth conflict, tweaked a couple grates positions
- added a dd19noThief global short variable. If you use
set dd19noThief to 1
in the game console, you will be able to get the (previously reserved to Thieves Guild members only) 3rd branch of a multi branch quest even if you are not a Thieves Guild member(set dd19noThief to 0 to get the quest branch only for if you are a Thieves Guild member).
1.09 fixed having a quest possibly giving you a ring more than once
1.08 fixed a not visible note text, some containers capacity, a typo, a finished quest possibly remaining in journal, a sconce rotation/animation glitch
1.07 more tweaks
1.06 more minor item positioning tweaks, the wife of the drunken nord has no more intro line after the husband has sobered up, fixed a "I need to some rest" scripted message
1.05 tweaks, should be compatible with Morrowind Rebirth
1.04 rowboat ebony script fixes
1.03 quest fixes
1.02 Added journal update to 'escape' topic
1.01 Minor fixes
1.00 Original release

Imperial Grates Resource by Melchior Dahrk 
Dungeon and Diamond by Archimaestro Antares (for models and scripts) 
Outlander Library by LondonRook (platforms, banner, clutter) 
Darknut for the moss models
LadyE and Proudfoot for the shroomster model  


- Talk to the Drunk Nord or his Nord wife, there are non-violent outcomes- The "easy job" quest has 3 involved parties, you can side with either.
- To access the Twin Lamp hideout, help an Argonian in the Sewers or find the secret door from the Argonian Mission.
- To get a clue about the owner of the ring, equip it
- Playing Shal Overgrown first can get you a reward from the Shroom quest
- To get to the hidden cache, find the missing brick
- To get past the portcullis, get stronger
- To get a positive outcome from the statues, increase your luck.